Why Owl And NeuroFlow Have Joined Forces to Improve Patient Monitoring & Arm Providers With the Data They Need

Bridging the Gap is an interview series that showcases innovation in the healthcare industry. The latest episode features Eric Meier, President of Behavioral Health Markets at NeuroFlow, and former CEO of Owl.

NeuroFlow acquired Owl in June 2024. In this interview, Eric shares Owl’s history, describing how the measurement-based care technology company supports behavioral health providers by surfacing their impact on patient outcomes. The approach also helps lower costs for payors by improving upstream care. Finally, Chris and Eric discuss how the merger will strengthen NeuroFlow’s solutions, helping the company support people’s behavioral health wherever they are in the healthcare ecosystem.

To learn more about Owl and NeuroFlow’s union, listen or watch the interview below and read on for top sound bites.

How Owl enhances measurement-based care: 

Eric: When you look at measurement-based care, you want to make sure that the patient is telling you how they’re doing. So that’s part of it, is collecting this information. Then you want to analyze the data really down to the individual patient or the physician to say, okay, how am I doing in treating this patient? And then let’s figure out how we can then aggregate this information and understand, in the broader population, how we are doing relative to similar patients.

Owl is designed to do those three things, which is to capture the clinical state of patients. Second, the technology analyzes everything from the individual to the population level. And the third component is to make recommendations on the care pathway. That combination is very powerful.

How measurement-based care can lead to better outcomes and cost savings:

Eric: I’m very proud of our customers and the value they provide to clinicians, and particularly, we partnered with one large community mental health center, Aurora Mental Health & Recovery, and they had been using us throughout their care. We were getting phenomenal outcomes. What I mean by that is they were able to show patients coming in, and they could catch a high risk situation like suicide or a protracted length of stay. They could show that they can get patients better faster.

Then both of us went to one of their health plans, Colorado Access, which is the largest Medicaid MCO in the state of Colorado and said, “Hey, let’s look at the financial impact to see how we can positively impact the total cost of care.” So we integrated the analysis including outcomes data and claims data, and we were able to show a 28% reduction in total cost of care. It was about a 63% reduction in ER visits and 75% reduction inpatient admissions. What that means is they’re treating patients in the lowest cost setting, they’re getting them better faster, and you’re not using really precious resources, emergency room or inpatient. And this translated to about $25 million in savings for the plan.

What excites Chris and Eric most about unifying Owl and NeuroFlow:

Eric: First of all, I just think it makes sense. I think we’re solving much of the same problems or actually a broader set of problems, but it’s to a larger market opportunity. So I think our ability to really be market leaders, I think we came to the realization that we’re far better served to really be a critical piece of a much larger solution, which is how do you better manage behavioral health at a lower cost? . . .

I think in this market, there’s a lot of point solutions that were capitalized really at the beginning of Covid and so how do you rise above that and really become the dominant player to really serve the market with best of class solutions? This is what this feels like.

Chris: What I loved from the get go was the fact that we both had Ascension as our joint customer, and that was proof in the pudding before we even started the conversation that this could work together because a customer saw it. We just hadn’t integrated the platforms yet. You’re at Ascension in the behavioral health providers. We’re at Ascension in the primary care clinics. Let’s tie those together and provide our partner a more comprehensive end-to-end solution. I mean, it gets me so excited.

Show Notes

Ellen Harvey is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at NeuroFlow. She has over nine years of experience writing about technology and innovation for business leaders. At NeuroFlow, she writes about prominent trends in behavioral health and illustrates how NeuroFlow's technology helps healthcare, payor, and government organizations improve the well-being of their constituents.

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