Where’s Your Organization in the Integrated Behavioral Health Care Landscape? And What’s Next?

While many healthcare organizations recognize that integrating physical and behavioral health care is important and impactful, understanding where to start or how to expand existing programs can be challenging. In today’s economic climate in particular, recognizing ROI on integrated behavioral health care while driving positive clinical outcomes is key.

NeuroFlow has helped hundreds of organizations launch and scale financially sustainable integrated behavioral health programs. We not only provide the technology infrastructure to support these programs but we also deliver expert insight on workflow integration, financial modeling, and care team training. We’ve distilled that insight into a helpful guide, “Navigating the Integrated Behavioral Health Landscape,” which provides the tools your organization needs to develop an effective roadmap for integration.

Whether you’re just starting to integrate care, or you’ve established a collaborative care model, this whitepaper provides the insight you need to scale your program and achieve positive clinical and financial outcomes.


Download your copy of “Navigating the Integrated Behavioral Health Landscape” today!

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