What a (Philly Tech) Week it Was!



Another Philly Tech Week has come and gone. It seems that every year PTW grows and expands and pushes the envelope in the best way possible. The collection of events brings some of the most interesting people, ideas, and topics together while instilling a fantastic sense of pride in the local tech community. We thought it’d be fun to share a quick roundup of the wide variety of events NeuroFlow team members were a part of:


Philly Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo

We made sure to dish out some NeuroFlow swag in between dozens of awesome conversations with various members of the tech community at the Filmore Wednesday night!


Panel Conversation at Introduced; Removing the Stigma: Creative Solutions for the Mental Health Crisis

It’s not easy to get thought leaders from technology, first responders, payers, health systems, and psychology together to talk about mental health. The result? An engaging, inspiring conversation about what is being done – and what still needs to be done – to help normalize the conversation and fight the stigma around mental health.  


NeuroFlow at Philly Tech Week



Building diverse tech teams: An evening of lighting talks

Our director of product Julia Kastner joined local technologists and executives for an evening of networking and lightning talks focused on how and why to hire and retain diverse technical talent! We’re so excited to be contributing to this important conversation with such awesome people and hope Philly can really take the lead on this given our natural diversity.


Innovation Day

Mental health is a topic that impacts us all.  At NeuroFlow, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to bridge the gap between mental and physical health. Collaboration across data science and product helps us to create tools that clinicians and providers can use to help patients feel better, faster, and our team shared some of the exciting things we’re working on Friday morning over at the O3 World office Friday morning. It was awesome to have an interested, engaged audience and to be in the company of other innovative, data-driven teams.


Thanks so much to our hosts at Juno Search Partners, Technical.ly Philly, ChickTech Philly, O3 World and Philly Startup Leaders. Also, a huge shout out to the countless organizers and volunteers who helped make this a week to remember.


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