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We’re building a team of current NeuroFlow users to help us learn what we can do better. Please join our User Advisory Board by taking this quick survey.

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A group of NeuroFlow users who help us learn what we’re doing right (or wrong!), and what we can do better.

NeuroFlow has helped over 8,000 people with their mental wellness. People just like you have given countless hours of feedback to make the app you see today. We’d love your thoughts too!

First, we ask you to complete this quick survey (any information you share is not HIPAA compliant). You’ll have the chance to jot down your thoughts about NeuroFlow and let us know how involved you’d like to be. We appreciate your involvement no matter how big or small!

You can choose your level of participation. We offer three different kinds of activities.

  1. We plan to send an email survey out on a regular basis to gather your feedback.
  2. Online focus groups will take place a few times a year. They will be on a web conferencing platform with 5-10 other participants. You will need to use your screen to see images and designs. You will not need to use your webcam. The NeuroFlow Product Team will join to ask you for your feedback in real time.
  3. We would like to be able to schedule one-on-one conversations with users for feedback. These will be by phone or take place on a web conferencing platform. You will need to use your screen to see images and designs. You will not need to use your webcam.

It is not a HIPAA-compliant way of exchanging information. This means it is not a place to give or receive medical advice. If you or someone you know needs urgent help, please dial 911 and review our crisis resources for support contacts. We will not share your feedback with any third parties, including your doctor or organization, without your permission. Your feedback will be used for internal product development only.

No. You do not have to complete every survey or take part in every feedback event. Join for as much or as little as you like! You don’t even have to join at all.

To join you must:

  1. be at least 18 years old
  2. use the NeuroFlow platform and
  3. be willing to give open and honest feedback about your experience with NeuroFlow.

NeuroFlow reviews and evaluates responses to help determine customer opinion. Contact with the product team is not HIPAA compliant. This includes conversations over email, phone, or video conference. With this in mind, you can choose to stop at any time, refuse to answer a survey or abstain from a focus group.

If you need help accessing your NeuroFlow account, contact tech support at Also, you can use the chat box on Contact support daily, 9am-7pm EST.

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