Uncover the Suicide Risk in Your Population With NeuroFlow’s New Calculator

49,000 Americans lost their lives to suicide in 2022 – a chilling statistic that only tells part of the story of suicide risk. Over one million people grappled with serious suicidal thoughts, while countless others received emergency or inpatient care for attempted suicides. This crisis demands an immediate response. Healthcare organizations must intervene before individuals reach crisis, helping to save lives, alleviate silent suffering, and improve resource utilization.

NeuroFlow has developed an interactive suicide risk calculator to equip healthcare leaders with a clear understanding of suicide’s pervasive impact on their populations. Armed with this knowledge, leaders can devise targeted strategies to screen for suicide risk and connect at-risk individuals to timely, potentially life-saving care.

Access the calculator now to uncover:

  • The estimated number of people battling suicidal thoughts in your community
  • Predicted suicide attempt rates within your population
  • Anticipated healthcare utilization related to suicide attempts
  • Associated costs across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance populations

The time to act is now. Unlock the calculator’s critical insights and take the first step toward stemming the rising tide of suicide.

Ellen Harvey is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at NeuroFlow. She has over nine years of experience writing about technology and innovation for business leaders. At NeuroFlow, she writes about prominent trends in behavioral health and illustrates how NeuroFlow's technology helps healthcare, payor, and government organizations improve the well-being of their constituents.

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