Tips & Resources for Provider Burnout

For a few weeks now, in countries around the world, people have been coming to their windows and doorways to pay tribute to the health care workers on the frontlines of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Up and down streets, throughout towns and cities, people can be heard clapping in unison in a show of support for the professionals who are putting the needs of society in front of their own. It often takes life-altering events like the one we are all experiencing to remind us that the people who care for us, need to be cared for as well sometimes.


As a behavioral health technology company, we at NeuroFlow have a unique perspective into both the clinical and emotional stressors that health care providers endure. Before this recent crisis, we knew that burnout among health care providers was higher than other fields, with over one-half of physicians and one-third of nurses experiencing symptoms. Given the sudden and unexpected increase in stress placed on the healthcare system and providers, it makes sense that many people in the field are being pushed to their breaking point. 


In response to this increased need, we have created a resource website for Medical Professional Burnout. We believe that offering resources for health care professionals is one small way that we can stand in support and show our appreciation for this dedicated and selfless group. The website is designed to be a tool that offers education, practical skills and connections to resources for all health care providers, from students to seasoned professionals.


Our hope is that having access to this information can help providers better cope with additional stress, and in turn, better care for themselves, their families and all of us who need them so much right now. When you hear people clapping in support of health care workers, please know that the entire NeuroFlow team is standing and clapping for them as well. If you have questions, please contact us at


Provider burnout resources can be found at


NeuroFlow Testimonial by Dr. Alissa Silverman

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