Technology-Enabled Behavioral Health Integration

BHI goes well beyond “self-help” apps and delivers an enterprise-grade solution composed of critical intelligence, clinical decision support, and care management through personalized content and resources


tBHI™ | Technology-Enabled Behavioral Health Integration

NeuroFlow tBHI™ firmly places consumers in the center of a digitally connected care ecosystem – creating a person-centric environment that links them, their medical providers, and behavioral health care managers. 

  • Rapid and efficient deployment into current workflows and EHRs
  • Measurement-based treatment and care coordination
  • Automatic delivery of incentivized consumer engagement programs with individually tailored content and resources
  • Critical clinical decision support and feedback loop based on individual risk

BHI Delivers Value

By helping providers address the behavioral health needs of their patients in real time and in-between visits, tBHI™ galvanizes patient-centered care delivery and engagement. Download our free tBHI White Paper to learn more.

Expand Screening Capacity

Approximately 50% of mental health conditions begin by age 14 and 75% begin by age 24. Leveraging technology to scale assessments and drive compliance enables early identification and treatment – leading to better outcomes. (NAMI)

Provide the Right Level of Care

Not everyone needs the same level of care at the same time. Data-driven risk stratification enables care teams to efficiently deliver the right care to the right individual.

Increase Access to Care

On average, an appointment with a behavioral health provider can take up to 60 days. Digital solutions bring resources to consumers on their terms, driving up engagement, increasing privacy, and combating the mental health stigma. (PQS)

Utilize a Clinical Feedback Loop

Integrating data and analytics into the provider workflow provides a consistent view into patient health and delivers critical clinical decision support.

A Powerful Digital Health Ecosystem

Delivering the most comprehensive enterprise solution for behavioral health, NeuroFlow augments the provider workflow, improves intake and triage, delivers actionable insights for clinical decision support, and engages consumers for ongoing management and monitoring of behavioral health conditions.

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