Prevent Suicide by Intervening in the Moments That Matter

NeuroFlow combines suicide prevention technology and compassionate human outreach to identify and support at-risk individuals before a crisis occurs. Our mission is to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Effective Intervention Saves Lives & Avoids Unnecessary Costs


NeuroFlow Data


NeuroFlow Data


NeuroFlow's Platform Is a Powerful Combination of AI-Driven Insights and Personalized Services

Real-Time Intelligence

Omnichannel tools to capture real-time insight into population acuity that typically goes undetected

Population Risk Stratification

Analytics to stratify populations by severity and surface high and rising risk cohorts

Compassionate Outreach & Referral

High-touch intervention for suicidal ideation with pathways for higher levels of care

Configurable Digital Support

24/7 access to localized crisis resources and tailored content

Care Team Enablement

Workflow software to enable efficient population management

Hands-on Support With Response Services

NeuroFlow offers Response Services, a team staffed by coordinators experienced and trained in crisis response.

This video shares one patient’s life-saving experience with NeuroFlow’s Response Services after being introduced to NeuroFlow by their Atlantic Health System provider.

NeuroFlow NLP Technology Flags More People for Suicidal Ideation Than Assessments Alone

In this study, NeuroFlow found that 58% of people identified with suicidal ideation through NLP technology might not have been identified otherwise.

Prudential Supports Disability Claimants Through Population-Wide Suicide Prevention

Disability claimants at risk for suicide experienced a 34% decrease in depression symptoms after engaging with NeuroFlow Response Services and receiving ongoing support.

Surface the Hidden Suicide Risk in Your Population

Suicide rates are on the rise. These tragic deaths are often preceded by long, overlooked struggles that can manifest in ED visits or hospitalizations. Identifying at-risk individuals early is crucial to saving lives. That’s why NeuroFlow developed a suicide risk calculator designed to help organizations like yours understand the true scope of suicide risk. With this interactive tool, you can understand the impact of suicide on your population and take steps to intervene earlier.

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See why hundreds of leading organizations are using NeuroFlow’s platform to:

  • Understand population risk
  • Improve care program efficiency
  • Enhance suicide prevention
  • Scale integrated care models

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