Suicide Prevention Through High-Tech and High-Touch Support

NeuroFlow combines suicide prevention technology and compassionate human outreach to identify and support at-risk individuals before a crisis occurs. Our mission is to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Today's Approach to Suicide Prevention Is Ineffective


people attempted suicide in the U.S. in 2020


who died by suicide did not have a known mental health condition


of those who died by suicide visited their provider within a month before their death

Proactive Identification & Triage Are Key to Success

NeuroFlow’s triage engine uses an A.I.-powered severity scoring model and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect increases in an individual’s risk levels and flag potential suicidal ideation. If triggered, the suicide prevention technology alerts the care team and immediately delivers crisis resources to the individual within the app.

Hands-on Support With Response Services

NeuroFlow also offers Response Services, a team staffed by coordinators with experience and training in crisis response who contact individuals at the first signs of crisis, provide compassionate support, and refer them to the appropriate level of care.

This brief video showcases a powerful story from Dr. James Barr of Atlantic Health System detailing how the combination of NeuroFlow’s technology and Response Services team helped support a patient during a critical time.

Delivering the Right Level of Care

Natural Language Processing enhances suicide prevention, ensuring no on falls through the cracks.

“NLP-triggered urgent alerts are a life-saving feature within the NeuroFlow platform. Many of these alerts are triggered in between PHQ assessments, meaning the individual would not have received support for weeks without the intervention of NLP, putting them at greater risk for self-harm or suicide.”

– Faith Best, Head of Clinical Services at NeuroFlow

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Magellan Health Partners with NeuroFlow to Combat Suicide

The first 30-90 days after a suicide attempt is a period fraught with risk. NeuroFlow helps Magellan provide life-saving support to patients at this critical juncture, identifying and triaging high-risk individuals through our platform.

“Those are precious lives that could have fallen through the cracks and not gotten the level of direct support provided through this collaboration.”


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