Prevention in the Moments That Matter:

Strategies for Healthcare Leaders Addressing the Suicide Epidemic

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Your Guide to Suicide Prevention

As healthcare leaders, we don’t have to feel helpless when it comes to addressing the rising rate of suicide in the U.S. With the right insights, organizations can quickly identify rising risk and intervene in the moments that matter. In this whitepaper, we explore how organizations can take a data-driven approach to suicide prevention and population risk management. We cover how real-time data provides greater visibility into previously overlooked populations, and how these insights arm care teams with the tools and confidence they need to prevent crises.

The combination of alerts and outreach helps us ensure that disability claimants who are at-risk for self-harm are connected to the support that they need in a timely manner

Kristin Tugman, Ph.D., CRC, LPC, VP of Health and Productivity Analytics and Consulting Practice at Prudential Group Insurance

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