Spring Point Partners Announces Gift in Kind to Support Pediatric Mental Health

Funded by a $400,000 donation in-kind from Spring Point Partners, up to two pediatric hospitals or health systems will be selected to receive two-year access to NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant digital health platform with the goal of improving pediatric patient outcomes for mental health conditions.

Children and adults living in under-resourced communities are at increased risk for psychological disorders, yet few have access to high-quality mental health services.  Furthermore, the global pandemic has exposed the need and the urgency to expand access to children’s mental health services. In fact, a study of pediatric insurance claims filed between January and November 2020, conducted by the nonprofit FAIR Health, uncovered a harsh increase in mental-health-related problems, especially generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and intentional self-harm.

Recognizing the critical role that children’s hospitals and primary care providers play in delivering care to children suffering from behavioral health conditions, NeuroFlow and Spring Point Partners are excited to join forces with organizations to address the problem head-on with a data-backed solution.  The donation will provide two hospitals or health systems with actionable intelligence through a digital health platform to manage at-risk populations. Selected organizations will receive:

  • 24/7 access to NeuroFlow’s consumer application for assessments, content, and incentivized engagement
  • Clinical dashboard for ongoing visibility into patient progress and outcomes
  • Monthly summary reporting

Similarly, patients will receive access to direct, personalized self-care tools in real-time. All proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  1. Hospitals or health systems must be public charities.
  2. Hospitals or health systems must be willing to commit one project manager for approximately two hours per week during the two to three-month roll-out, as well as administrative costs of roughly 15% of pilot implementation each year.
  3. Hospitals or health systems must serve Medicaid-eligible, minority, low-income, and/or tribal young adult populations.


Interested applicants can view more details here. Proposals are due by April 8, 2022, and award letters will be sent out on or around April 29, 2022. The anticipated start date of the project is August 1, 2022. 

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