Integrated Behavioral Health

NeuroFlow combines the digital consumer health experience with care, cost, and quality support to bend the cost curve and drive meaningful health and behavior changes.


Leading Solutions for Behavioral Health Maximize Efficiency, Revenue and Reimbursements

Integrated into current workflows, NeuroFlow helps manage risk, gain operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive quality improvement by rapidly enabling behavioral health integration at scale.

Reduce costs

Drive engagement

Improve outcomes

reduction in ED utilization

remain engaged after 1 month.
48% after 6 months

of users report reduction in depression
or anxiety symptoms


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Multiple Use Cases, One Powerful Digital Health Ecosystem

Recognizing healthcare organizations have distinctive populations and objectives, the NeuroFlow digital health ecosystem can support both immediate needs as well as future expansions. 

The ecosystem’s unique approach to modular solutioning supports the needs of organizations along the spectrum of BHI maturity. 

The Most Comprehensive Behavioral Health Platform

NeuroFlow augments the provider workflow to increase screening capacity and accuracy, improve intake and triage, deliver actionable insights for clinical decision support, and engage consumers for ongoing management and monitoring of behavioral health conditions.


  • Interoperability with Healthcare Systems
  • Seamless EHR and system integrations minimize administrative burden and optimize current IT investments. Our HIPAA compliant, SaaS solution helps deliver personalized, predictive and prescriptive decision support right to providers, without disrupting their workflow. In a matter of weeks or even days, your organization can start supporting the health of your patients and your business.
NeuroFlow Dashboards


  • Measurement Based Care and Clinical Decision Support
  • Leveraging an evidence-based practice to collect patient reported outcome measures improves the intelligence clinicians need to inform ongoing treatment and response. NeuroFlow enables MBC at scale, keeps the patient in the center of care and continuously monitors for a consistent connection to critical data and clinical decision support.
NeuroFlow Dashboard


  • Performance Management and Reporting
  • Rapidly review performance for targeted at-risk populations and individuals with the Care Team Dashboards. Recognize the impact of your BHI program, monitoring the impact of clinical interventions on quality and cost of care while recognizing outliers requiring program adjustments.
NeuroFlow Dashboard


  • Consumer Engagement and Self-Care
  • NeuroFlow's award winning platform is dervied from an expertise in user centered design, gamification, and behavioral economics. We offer a personalized experience that encourages, rewards and recognizes continuous engagement and monitoring.
NeuroFlow Applications


  • HIPAA Compliant, Secure
  • Trusted by the military, NeuroFlow's technology and employees follow the highest standards for data security and user privacy.
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