Technology-Enabled Psychiatric Collaborative Care (CoCM)

Enable scalable psychiatric collaborative care using a team-based approach to deliver evidence-based diagnoses, treatment and support

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CoCM | Technology-Enabled Psychiatric Collaborative Care

Complementary to tBHI, NeuroFlow’s turnkey solutions enable scalable psychiatric collaborative care – a team-based approach to deliver evidence-based diagnoses, treatment and support. 

  • Initial assessment by Primary Care Provider
  • Care planning  and coordination with care plan revision for patients whose condition is not improving adequately 
  • Regular, proactive outcome monitoring and treatment follow-up using validated rating scales and a cloud-based registry ensuring documentation compliance
  • Systematic psychiatric caseload reviews through use of telemedicine with a psychiatrist for treatment recommendations

Make the Shift to Collaborative Care

The Benefits of Collaborative Care

The psychiatric collaborative care model (CoCM) enhances tBHI programs by merging primary and mental health services to lower costs, increase the quality of care, and save lives. 

CoCM enhances behavioral health resources and assigns patients to a collaborative care team including a behavioral health care manager and psychiatric consultant. With CoCM, you can start delivering a fully integrated, financially viable behavioral health care program.

Optimize value based arrangements and close care gaps

Identify mental health issues before they become severe

Reduce overall costs of medical care

A Powerful Digital Health Ecosystem

Delivering the most comprehensive enterprise solution for behavioral health, NeuroFlow augments the provider workflow, improves intake and triage, delivers actionable insights for clinical decision support, and engages consumers for ongoing management and monitoring of behavioral health conditions.

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