Prudential Helps High-Risk Disability Claimants Access Support Through Population-Wide Suicide Risk Assessment & Prevention

Suicide is a serious and growing health concern that has come to dominate U.S. healthcare. In 2022, suicide deaths reached an all-time high, claiming the lives of over 49,000 Americans, or one death every 11 minutes. Suicidal ideation is more prevalent, impacting over 12.3 million American adults in 2021. Those who are on disability leave, in particular, are at risk for increased self-harm and suicidal ideation due to greater isolation, financial stress, and underlying mental health conditions. Reversing this trend without mechanisms to proactively identify individuals at risk exacerbates this challenge. As a result, interventions are often too late.

To address these issues, Prudential partnered with NeuroFlow, a behavioral health technology company, in 2021. The NeuroFlow technology platform provides mental wellness support to disability claimants through regular, remote clinical assessments and digital self- care resources tailored to individuals’ needs. The technology provides insight into claimant wellbeing and triggers timely alerts that inform Prudential case managers and NeuroFlow Response Services when claimant wellbeing declines. These alerts empower Prudential’s claims management team to connect rising- and high-risk disability claimants to the appropriate resources, helping prevent crises before they happen.

Read the full case study here.


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