Make Behavioral Health a Central Part of Your Risk Management Strategy

NeuroFlow’s solution helps at-risk health systems balance quality of care and affordability in the wake of high behavioral health demand and care team burnout.

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Behavioral Health Conditions Don't Exist In a Silo

Rising Behavioral Health Risk

39% increase in BH utilization and 54% increase in BH spending since 2019

(JAMA Network)

Costly and Complex Care

84% of diagnosed BH individuals have a co-occurring physical condition


Financial Impacts of Unmanaged BH

2-6x higher for patients with comorbid chronic medical and BH conditions


The Industry-Leading Platform for Achieving Financial Sustainability Through Population Behavioral Health

Having a complete picture of population health is the essential first step toward financial sustainability. NeuroFlow helps health systems:

  • Better understand population acuity with a standardized, always-on way to identify behavioral health needs at scale
  • Make smarter, more efficient choices with scarce care resources
  • Create new revenue opportunities through efficient workflow integration and improved quality performance

NeuroFlow's Solutions Help You Do More With Less

Population Health

NeuroFlow detects behavioral health needs across the population and extends support and monitoring into patients’ homes.

These real-time insights allow health systems to deliver preventative care and avoid unnecessary utilization.

Suicide Prevention

NeuroFlow identifies and monitors rising and high-risk patients that could fall through the cracks at vulnerable moments.

Care enablement tools streamline workflows, making it easier to deliver evidence-based care at scale.

Collaborative Care

NeuroFlow helps health systems launch and scale collaborative care (CoCM) efficiently and sustainably.

Built on our population health solution, NeuroFlow offers the digital tools and clinical expertise necessary for effective program management.

Jefferson Health Reduces ED Utilization by 34% Using NeuroFlow

Jefferson Health leveraged NeuroFlow’s technology to identify and support patients with behavioral health conditions. The health system saw a 34% reduction in ED utilization among patients that used NeuroFlow.

At-Risk Health System Surfaces Hidden Behavioral Health Needs

NeuroFlow uncovered previously unmet behavioral health needs among Medicare Advantage patients at an at-risk health system. In a group that hadn’t been referred to behavioral health care, 24% indicated clinical levels of depression and anxiety.

NeuroFlow Provides a Configurable Platform and Clinical Expertise to Integrate Seamlessly Into Your Existing Workflows

Interoperability with
your EHR

Clinical staffing to augment your team

Expertise in clinical workflows & sustainability

High-touch implementation and support

Configurable reporting for your needs

Experienced staffing for high-risk interventions

NeuroFlow offers flexible staffing solutions and clinical consultations to ensure your program’s success.

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See why hundreds of leading organizations are using NeuroFlow’s platform to:

  • Understand population risk
  • Improve care program efficiency
  • Enhance suicide prevention
  • Scale integrated care models

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