Providers Say evolvedMD & NeuroFlow Improved Patient Physical & Behavioral Health

Behavioral health integration services company evolvedMD is on a mission to make integrated care models, like CoCM, easy to implement and economically viable. Partnering with health systems and provider groups, evolvedMD embeds behavioral health managers (BHM) into physical care settings and develops workflows to enable seamless behavioral health support. evolvedMD partnered with NeuroFlow to further enhance this offering through automated technology that engages patients in relevant behavioral health content between appointments and streamlined caseload management.

To assess their impact, evolvedMD and NeuroFlow surveyed providers, BHMs, and patients about how they viewed the collaborative care program and its impact on wellbeing. The surveys were delivered before implementing NeuroFlow’s technology and again four months after implementation.

Providers reported that integrated behavioral healthcare helped improve their patients’ overall mental and physical health and enhanced support for patients in between appointments.

Read our two-part case study to see more results. Part one explores providers’ feedback on technology-enabled CoCM. Part two analyzes both patients and BHMs’ survey responses.

Ellen Harvey is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at NeuroFlow. She has over nine years of experience writing about technology and innovation for business leaders. At NeuroFlow, she writes about prominent trends in behavioral health and illustrates how NeuroFlow's technology helps healthcare, payor, and government organizations improve the well-being of their constituents.

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