Provider Profile: How Dr. Tayeb is Integrating Behavioral Health With NeuroFlow

Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb, Chief Medical Officer of Pain Specialists of Cincinnati and Regenerative Medicine Physician at the Laser and Regenerative Center embraces a holistic approach to care, centered on treating the whole patient, rather than individual symptoms or body parts. Doing so requires an empathetic, individualized mindset that considers the many different biological, social, and psychological factors that influence both pain and overall health.

The connection between physical pain and behavioral health is quite strong as patients with chronic pain often experience concurrent behavioral health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or substance misuse. With their commitment to holistic care, Dr. Tayeb and his team sought a way to digitally bridge the gap between physical and mental health while getting a better understanding of patient progress in between appointments.  

Empowered with a tool to support the overall wellness of 500 patients in just two months, Dr. Tayeb took some time to share his thoughts on integrated care, pain management, and how NeuroFlow is helping his practice quickly embrace a new normal of virtual healthcare.

Q: Why is taking a holistic approach so important when it comes to providing care?

A: It’s a microcosm of life. To give someone the best care, you have to look at the problem holistically through a variety of options. “Sure, people take care of their bodies, but it’s just as important and also you have to take care of the mind.”  And when it comes to treating pain, it becomes even more important to treat the mind.

Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb is an experienced specialist and founder of several medical practice

Q: How has technology helped your practice deliver holistic care?

A: NeuroFlow allows us to mitigate “patient risk”. For one thing, patients can be better monitored. For example, if patients are flagged as at-risk, we are notified and can proactively provide different ways to take care of them. NeuroFlow gives us more insight into the behavioral health of patients and what drives their at risk state.

Q: What has patient feedback been like so far?

A: “Personally, I like using NeuroFlow myself.” The app’s ease of use allows me to communicate better with patients and discuss their experience of treating their behavioral health. Patient experiences have been quite positive! They’ve enjoyed the videos as well as the breathing exercises on the app.


58% of Dr. Tayeb’s patients using NeuroFlow experienced a reduction in depression symptoms


Q: How does NeuroFlow help you treat your patients now and going forward?

A: We’ve seen better outcomes and results by adding NeuroFlow to our practice. At the end of the day, it gives us a better understanding of patients especially through tracking of mood or pain scores. With the rise of digital healthcare, I certainly think that NeuroFlow is a good platform to have as we move towards telemedicine.

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