There is No Population Health without Behavioral Health

Unaddressed behavioral health issues escalate to produce adverse events and significant costs. Remotely identify and take targeted action to avoid behavioral health crises before they happen through NeuroFlow’s digital feedback loop and intervention support

NeuroFlow Provides Unmatched Proactive Insight into the Behavioral Health of Your Populations

Better decision-making requires better information – but efficiently acquiring information in a timely way can be challenging.

Instead of waiting until people reach the point of crisis, NeuroFlow offers engaging remote monitoring and app-based self-care tools that deliver frequent screenings and 24/7 support to your entire population, giving you direct visibility into rising risk groups that need intervention. These insights feed into your existing systems and programs seamlessly, giving you a full picture of your population’s wellbeing.

Population Health the Usual Way

Outbound screening and reminder calls, assessments filled out using paper and pencil, and manual uploads are inefficient and often unsuccessful in capturing data.

Insights from lagged claims data give only a picture of the past, with no visibility between clinical encounters.

Check-the-box digital tools gain minimal traction with consumers.

Population Health the NeuroFlow Way

Assessments are delivered digitally within an engaging app experience that reaches your entire population with a single click.

Frequent screening builds out a longitudinal, data-driven picture of an individual’s wellbeing and risk-stratifies your population, bringing your attention to potential issues before they escalate.

An award-winning app experience combines clinically validated activities and assessments with consumer-focused gamification to drive repeat use and positive habits.


of members in a recent study had a higher need for behavioral health support than predicted by their claims data





of users with initially severe depression scores dropped to moderate or better within 8 weeks




(NeuroFlow client data)


of users remain engaged with NeuroFlow after the first month                                                                  




(NeuroFlow client data)

Health First is Succeeding in CoCM with NeuroFlow

“The last thing I wanted to do was to have a patient in a waiting room fill out a screening tool, give it to someone at the front office, have them score it, enter it into the EHR, and then expect the PCP to see that before they go in and meet the patient…Now we are doing outreach to 30,000 people which helps us identify people who actually meet the criteria for treatment before they come into the office, which is ideal.”

– John Eiler, System VP of Behavioral Services at Health First

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6:1 ROI for treating depression through Psychiatric Collaborative Care



67% of CoCM patients see a 50% reduction in PHQ score within 4 to 8 months using NeuroFlow


(NeuroFlow client data) 

Proven to fill a Behavioral Health Care Manager’s caseload in as short as one month


(NeuroFlow client data)                            

Frequent App Engagement Builds Positive Habits and Skills and Gives You Insight into your Population’s Wellbeing

Users track behaviors like sleep, activity, mood, stress and pain 

Medication reminders can be set by clinicians to increase adherence 

Behavioral data collection informs ongoing performance monitoring and risk stratification  

Educational clinical-grade content spans from meditation and mindfulness to CBT exercises

Activities available in multimedia formats, available on demand as well as via assigned homework

Crisis resources are customizable and prominent in the app at all times 

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