There Is No Population Health Without Behavioral Health

NeuroFlow helps healthcare organizations surface often undetected behavioral health needs and deliver targeted support to reduce unnecessary utilization and cost of care.


NeuroFlow Data


NeuroFlow Data


NeuroFlow Surfaces Behavioral Health Risk in Your Population and Directs to the Right Care at the Right Time

Assessment & Data Collection

Omnichannel collection of population behavioral health insights to form an accurate risk picture

Population Risk Stratification

Analytics to stratify populations by severity and surface high and rising risk cohorts

Omnichannel Engagement

24/7 access to tailored dCBT and personalized resources by condition

Suicide Prevention

High-touch intervention for suicidal ideation with pathways for higher levels of care

Reporting & Intelligence

Insight into population risk integrated into your existing systems

Hands-on Support With Response Services

NeuroFlow offers Response Services, a team staffed by coordinators experienced and trained in crisis response. They contact individuals at the first signs of crisis, providing compassionate support and referring them to the appropriate level of care.

This video shares one patient’s life-saving experience with Response Services, provided through Atlantic Health System.

NeuroFlow Supports and Scales Magellan Health’s Population Behavioral Health Program

Magellan Health incorporated its behavioral health resources into NeuroFlow’s platform to improve reach and engagement. When NeuroFlow launched to members, registrations increased 124%.

Prudential Identified 19% of Claimants With Previously Unknown BH Conditions

Prudential increased identification of behavioral health needs among disability claimants with NeuroFlow. Those identified received targeted behavioral health resources to support timely return to work.

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  • Improve care program efficiency
  • Enhance suicide prevention
  • Scale integrated care models

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