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The massive gap in clinical information and limited access to care leaves many people without appropriate psychological support as they suffer from low to moderate stress, depression, anxiety, or loneliness. 

Ignoring behavioral health is expensive, so expanding screening operations and delivering self-care can support the health of your population and your organization.

pBHM™ | Population Behavioral Health Management

Resilience and readiness, chronic care management, disability and wellness programs – no matter the use case, NeuroFlow helps to better manage risk, provide interventions for behavioral health conditions, and reduce likelihood of severity increase.

  • Easy deployment even without an engaged provider network
  • Rapid support and scale for ongoing or planned behavioral health programs
  • Delivery of high quality care, cost control, and compliance with ever-changing regulatory measures 
  • High-cost service utilization reduction like ED, shortened disability timelines, and maximized reimbursements

Your Care Management and Pop-Health Programs are Covered with tBHI

2x to 3x

2x to 3x

higher cost of care for people with co-occurring behavioral health and chronic medical conditions

15% to 30%

15% to 30%

increased prevalence of depression for those with diabetes



estimated rate of depression among those who’ve had a heart attack

Support the Overall Wellness of Your Entire Population

A Powerful Digital Health Ecosystem

Delivering the most comprehensive enterprise solution for behavioral health, NeuroFlow augments the provider workflow, improves intake and triage, delivers actionable insights for clinical decision support, and engages consumers for ongoing management and monitoring of behavioral health conditions.

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