Pediatric Behavioral Health Technology Services in a Hospital Setting

The purpose of this solicitation is for Spring Point Partners to select up to two pediatric hospitals or health systems to receive two-year access to NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant digital health platform with the goal of improving pediatric patient outcomes for mental health conditions. In turn, Spring Point is optimistic that the awarded hospitals will be able to drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes for the populations they serve.

Even as one of the wealthiest nations on earth, the poverty rate in the United States exceeds that of many other countries. Children and adults living in under-resourced communities are at increased risk for psychological disorders and few gain access to high-quality mental health services creating an urgency for mental health care models that can meet the needs of these vulnerable populations. 

Recognizing the critical role that children’s hospitals and primary care providers play in delivering care to children suffering from behavioral health conditions, NeuroFlow and Spring Point Partners are excited to join forces with organizations to address the problem head-on with a data-backed solution

Spring Point has committed to donating $400,000 of NeuroFlow services for up to two nonprofit pediatric hospitals or health systems.  The pilot program will be for two years.  The Awardees will be responsible for paying 15% of the costs of the NeuroFlow Services, annually at the beginning of each year.

  • $400,000 of total funding available
  • Spring Point Partners will cover 85% of the cost of the total value
  • Awardee is responsible for the remaining 15% of total value
    • The 15% cost will be paid annually at the beginning of each year 
  • Term of award is 2 years

For Example: An award with a total contract value of $230,000 would result in an in-kind donation of $200,000, with the Awardee responsible for the remaining 15% of the contract ($30,000 paid over two years)..

Spring Point Partners will fund a donation to cover the costs of NeuroFlow software to awarded hospitals and health systems to provide access to a HIPAA compliant digital health platform with the goal of improving patient outcomes with respect to decreasing the symptoms of mental health conditions. Technology capabilities included:

Measurement Based Care

  • The ability for end users to self-monitor symptoms/results remotely through mobile app and web platform through clinically validated assessments
  • Use of standard validated and reliable assessments readily available within NeuroFlow platform

Clinical Decision Support

  • Care Team Dashboard and standard exportable reports 
  • Ability for Care Team Dashboard users or other users with ePHI access to download spreadsheets from NeuroFlow to see end user outcome summaries
  • Customized one-click links for Crisis Resources (crisis hotline, text support, etc.) 

Patient Experience & Engagement

  • All invited end users will have access to NeuroFlow for education and self-service purposes upon activation
  • Personalization/tailoring: the program’s content and activities are automatically tailored to specific needs, interests, personality, or use case based on NeuroFlow’s standard algorithms and configurable content templates 
  • App and web end users will have access to NeuroFlow’s standard rewards program

Care Team Dashboard Management

  • Care Team Dashboard for overall engagement and symptom tracking, risk stratification
  • Unlimited Care Team Dashboard members

Adoption & Marketing

  • Initial strategy session around NeuroFlow marketing efforts and best practices
  • An easy-to-access “adoption toolkit” featuring standard NeuroFlow branded resources and assets to support print and digital marketing
  • Proven messaging and communication templates to support adoption efforts
  • A “How to Guide” providing strategic insights on best ways to leverage the above
  • Support from a NeuroFlow Growth Marketing Manager on driving adoption

The following schedule has been defined to efficiently solicit multiple competitive proposals, select the most qualified vendor, and start the project within a reasonable time period.

Event  Date
  1. Submission window opens
  2. Applicant questions to NeuroFlow 2/28/2022
  3. All answers to applicant questions  3/7/2022
  4. Submission Window Closes 4/8/2022
  5. Interviews (as needed) 4/111-15/2022
  6. Anticipated date of final decision and award letters  4/29/2022
  7. Anticipated project start date 8/1/2022
  8. Anticipated go-live 9/15/2022

Applicants may submit questions via email to until February 28, 2022 at 11:59PM EST. All interested applicants will be emailed de-identified answers to questions the week of March 7, 2022.

Applications can be submitted by email to until April 8, 2022 at 11:59PM EST.

All proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Hospital(s) must be 501(c)3 public charities
  • Hospital(s) must be willing to commit one project manager for approximately two hours per week during the 2-3 month roll out, as well as administrative costs of roughly 15% of pilot implementation each year
  • Hospitals must treat underserved young adult populations (for example: Medicaid eligible, minority, low-income, tribal populations)

*If a hospital or health system wishes to deploy NeuroFlow fully integrated to their Electronic Health Records, they must also be willing to commit a technology Point of Contact for approximately two hours per week during the 2-3 month roll out.

Criteria  Weight Minimum
End-User (patient) population 50% Must be deployed in a pediatric setting
Breadth of deployment 25% No minimum, but preference is given to a broader rollout
 Use case  25% Must be deployed in a clinical, pediatric setting with identified success metrics

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