You Cannot Manage What You Cannot See

NeuroFlow delivers critical insight into the behavioral health of your members, guiding them to the right level of support and lowering total cost of care

Reduce Costs by Getting Members to the Right Level of Care

Unaddressed behavioral health conditions quickly become complex and expensive, especially within chronic condition populations. 

NeuroFlow’s end-to-end solution efficiently identifies behavioral health conditions within your population, offers data-driven guidance to your care teams, and connects members with behavioral health support – from your worried well to your at-risk members and everyone in between.

Your Behavioral Health Partner for Reducing Costs and Optimizing Value Based Care

Behavioral health is complex. No two members are the same, and neither are their behavioral health needs. NeuroFlow’s end-to-end solution offers support to your entire population, from your worried well to your at-risk members, and everyone in between.

From Population Health to Psychiatric Collaborative Care, our solutions integrate flexibly into your existing population health programs and IT investments, as well as support your provider network to improve member engagement and cost of care.

Chronic Condition Management

NeuroFlow’s platform surfaces behavioral health co-morbidities early and uses a proprietary AI-powered triage engine to guide members to support.

Suicide Prevention

NeuroFlow is designed to triage rising risk situations using an intelligent alert system based on member behavior, including crisis resources and outbound calls for those in urgent need.

Integrated Care Delivery

NeuroFlow’s solution has the software and services to help you scale evidence-based integrated care models among your provider network. 

Aflac Partners with NeuroFlow to Offer Preventative Behavior Health Support to Close Gaps in Care

Get Members to the Right Level of Care Faster


NeuroFlow’s engaging digital experience captures member-reported outcomes at scale, flagging risks before they turn into costly claims.


AI-powered severity score algorithms and risk stratification capabilities automate caseload prioritization and drive next-best action for each member.


Members are guided to personalized care options available through NeuroFlow and existing client resources, optimizing benefit utilization.

Sustained Member Engagement Drives Better Business & Clinical Outcomes

90% of users would recommend NeuroFlow to others                                                                         


(NeuroFlow Internal Data)

Up to 17% annual cost reduction in chronic condition populations through integrating behavioral health


34% decrease in ED utilization for populations using NeuroFlow                                                          


(NeuroFlow Internal Data) 

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