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“Oof.” What you often hear when it comes to proof in digital health.

At NeuroFlow, we’re committed to empowering customers to address and solve the mental health crisis, and to do that we need to deliver more than platitudes; we need to deliver proven solutions. Peer-reviewed research is NeuroFlow’s gold standard, but it tells only part of our story. User adoption, care team satisfaction, and business outcomes matter. On this page we’ve highlighted various proof points, including published research, case studies, customer testimonials, and the evidence base informing our approach. See all of our resources here.

Measuring our impact

To improve insights into individual well-being, NeuroFlow developed a proprietary severity score. The score allows healthcare organizations to quickly identify individuals who need behavioral health support and enhance the delivery of measurement-based care. In this study, researchers analyze how severity score identifies at-risk and rising-risk individuals and enables more targeted care.

Delivering real outcomes—not vanity metrics—for our partners.

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Care team satisfaction


Engagement after 30 days


*Provider customers only




*CoCM customers only


Depression response rate


Depression remission rate


Time to response

*NeuroFlow measures clinical and engagement outcome metrics as evidence for the efficacy of our solution, based on internal data 

“Through our work with NeuroFlow, we are offering a digital solution with a focus on prevention and early identification of issues taking a unique, evidence-based approach.”

Anna Sever
President & CEO of Magellan Federal

“The registration rates and the level of engagement in the app speaks for itself. Providing these resources and timely interventions gave our employees immediate support and relief.”

Monika Eckhardt, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer, Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic

Rooted in integrated care

A substantial body of evidence supports the positive clinical and financial impact of integrated care, which is why our platform is built to enable and scale these proven care models. Below are some of the clinical literature that inform our work

Mental Health 101

Research Presentations

A selection of recent (and upcoming) research presentations from NeuroFlow employees:

Stop Soldier Suicide and NeuroFlow: Partnering to facilitate support for Veterans through an mHealth technology Platform

November 2022

Substantial Outcomes Through Incremental Integration: How PASS saved $264K and helped 72% of patients achieve depression response

November 2022

Collaborative Care: A Population Health Model To Integrate Psychiatric Treatment In The Primary Care Setting

October 2022

Using an Integrated Behavioral Health Platform to Engage Patients and Reduce Administrative Pain Points

October 2020

A mixed methods pilot evaluation of the NeuroFlow smartphone application for mental health counseling in an urban high school setting

April 2021

Usability and Acceptability of a Smartphone Application to Support Mental Health Counseling in an Urban High School Setting

November 2020

Recognized by our peers

Leading healthcare and research organizations feature NeuroFlow’s expertise and insight when researching innovations in behavioral health. Here are some of the latest:

See why leading healthcare organizations are using NeuroFlow’s technology and services to:

  • Reduce the total cost of care
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Enhance care management efforts
  • Increase brand awareness

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