NeuroFlow to Add ORT & PDUQp Assessments to Platform

More than 11.5 million Americans, aged 12 or older, report misusing prescription opioids. In response to the increase in opioid overdose deaths and link between prescription opioid and heroin use, state legislation and federal guidelines have identified a need to assess for the risk of opioid misuse and potential for violations in medication agreements between patients and their providers. 


To assist our provider partners in ensuring patients are provided the best possible treatment, the NeuroFlow team will be adding two opioid risk screening tools to our platform. 


The Opioid Risk Tool – Opioid Use Disorder (ORT-OUD) assesses for the risk of opioid use disorder development in patients with chronic pain who are prescribed opioid therapy. This revised version of the original ORT has proven to be more accurate in predicting the development of OUD in patients with chronic pain on long-term opioid therapy. This screening should be used when considering starting a patient on opioid therapy or when a new patient has been transferred to your care. 


The Prescription Drug Use Questionnaire – Patient Version (PDUQp) helps providers identify opioid misuse or dependence in patients with chronic pain that are currently on opioid therapy. This tool was an expansion of the PDUQ, which was administered by providers. The PDUQp should be considered for routine assessment of patients who are currently receiving opioid therapy.


ORT & PDUQp Assessments

Both the ORT-OUD and PDUQp are automatically scored in the NeuroFlow platform and cutoff scores, per established guidelines, help providers identify the best care plan options for patients. These screening tools meet state guidelines that require quarterly or other routine monitoring of patients on opioid therapy. 


Supported by provider feedback, the addition of these questionnaires to the platform is another step in our goal towards helping providers and clinicians treat the whole patient. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please let us know at


If you’re a healthcare provider interested in a solution helping your patients and your practice, click here to schedule a demo of NeuroFlow today! 


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