Novant Health Partners With NeuroFlow to Support Patients And Providers

Novant Health, an integrated network of physician clinics, outpatient facilities, and medical centers based in North and South Carolina, partnered with NeuroFlow to improve patient well-being and prevent clinician burnout. The partnership provides patients continuous access to digital behavioral health resources and remote, clinical assessments. NeuroFlow technology also allows providers to track patient progress and intervene if their well-being declines.

“One of the benefits of this technology is that we can stay connected with patients and monitor their progress between visits with their care team, which we hope will translate to improved patient experience and outcomes,” says Ashley Perrott, MD, senior physician executive for Novant Health’s Community Health & Wellness Institute.

In addition to patients, Novant Health team members will also have access to the platform. Burnout remains a prevalent issue among clinicians, and NeuroFlow provides tailored resources to help healthcare professionals manage work-related stress and promote mental and emotional wellness.

“Burnout in the healthcare industry is at an all-time high and it’s been a concentrated area of focus for Novant Health for some time now,” noted Thomas Jenike, MD, senior vice president and chief well-being officer for Novant Health. “We’ve made a commitment to expand the tools and resources available to our team members, and NeuroFlow is a promising, confidential self-care option that complements the in-person and peer support services we offer.”

Read the full press release here to learn more about the partnership.

Ellen Harvey is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at NeuroFlow. She has over nine years of experience writing about technology and innovation for business leaders. At NeuroFlow, she writes about prominent trends in behavioral health and illustrates how NeuroFlow's technology helps healthcare, payor, and government organizations improve the well-being of their constituents.

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