NeuroFlow Launches Coronavirus Risk Assessment and Anxiety Screening Tool

As a behavioral health technology company, we at NeuroFlow come to work every single day to help enable behavioral health access and engagement in all care settings. The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has upended the delivery of care as we know it and unequivocally escalates the need for the digital dissemination of best-in-class mental health resources given the elevated levels of stress, anxiety, and social isolation that are associated with this unprecedented time.

As a response to COVID-19 and in an effort to provide the greater community with quick, accurate information, NeuroFlow is rolling out a brand new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risk Assessment and Anxiety Screener to ensure testing and mental health resources get to those who need them during these uncertain times.

The tool, based on best clinical practices, CDC guidelines, illness severity, and risk factors like age or pre-existing condition, prompts individuals with a series of questions to help determine their risk of COVID-19 along with appropriate instructions based on their responses.  Our hope is that hospitals and health care providers can deploy a screening tool like this for testing to their populations to properly assess and allocate resources appropriately.

We felt it was necessary to build and share a resource that not only facilitates screening for COVID-19 testing, but also provides individuals helpful mental health resources during these uncertain times. Our tool includes an anxiety screener and offers educational information and guides so your patients or members learn new coping skills to assist with social isolation, economic uncertainty, and other stressors associated with COVID-19. 

Being able to better cope with this additional stress will make you, the people you care about, and our community more resilient and improve not only mental wellness, but physical health. 

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