NeuroFlow, the market leader in behavioral health integration, has launched a referral network with a group of initial behavioral health service providers, tele-therapy companies, and telepsychiatry organizations to expand access to care across the healthcare industry. The growing demand for behavioral health support has put a spotlight on the challenges of accessing proper levels of care – this partnership introduces a new standard for navigating the ecosystem.

Joining the referral network will be:

  • LifeStance Health – One of the nation’s largest providers of virtual and in-person outpatient mental healthcare
  • Array Behavioral Care – The nation’s leading clinician-centric virtual psychiatry and therapy practice
  • Brightside Health – Delivers life-changing virtual mental health care across the complexity, acuity, and severity spectrum – up to and including those with suicidal ideation
  • Marvin – The first mental health platform made for physicians, nurses, and other professionals working within a healthcare setting

Each of these partners provides best-in-class patient care through their available care delivery channels. The partnership will streamline access to timely and appropriate behavioral health care in a seamless manner for patients. NeuroFlow utilizes its triage engine to ensure the right users are referred to the right level of care based on need and severity, and then enables seamless measurement-based care to occur, ensuring quality and consistency in outcomes. NeuroFlow’s alignment with these like-minded organizations ensures providers and healthcare organizations can support populations with a broad range of needs, from maintenance to severe symptoms, medication management and counseling services. This network will further enhance access to care, engage users throughout their healthcare journey, and assess populations in and out of traditional care settings.

“The impetus for the referral network is to improve access to behavioral health care for all populations, streamlining the relationship between providers and technology platforms, as the adoption of new tools continues to accelerate in the industry,” explains NeuroFlow Chief Executive Officer Chris Molaro. “The formation of these referral partnerships will complement the needs of the existing – but evolving – healthcare infrastructure. Bottom line: if someone needs to see a licensed mental health care professional, we will ensure that it happens when it’s needed, whether in-person or remotely.”

Until recently, many of the products and services available to healthcare organizations have been built to solve specific use cases, prohibiting continuity in a patient’s healthcare experience. The referral network was developed in response to data suggesting that one third of Americans live in areas lacking mental health professionals, and over half of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment at all. A database on Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) also illustrates access to care disparities across the country, a problem this partnership will directly address.

An early collaboration between NeuroFlow and Marvin highlights the impact of the partnership program, with the two companies working to integrate NeuroFlow’s self-care app and Marvin’s tailored on-demand therapy services for hundreds of employees at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. The approach has furthered the healthcare organization’s mission to reduce burnout and increase mental health resources for staff within hospital and academic settings.

NeuroFlow’s platform, currently utilized by hundreds of leading health systems, payors, and government entities, helps create a digital feedback loop of evidence-based self-service content that addresses a range of needs – from anxiety and depression to social determinants of health. As the company integrates its platform with existing care teams, payors, and providers, this network will increase bandwidth and seek to reduce the time it takes to find mental health support.

If you are a clinical service provider interested in joining this partnership program, visit the partners website or reach out to

About NeuroFlow: NeuroFlow integrates behavioral health across the care continuum by assessing and triaging people to get them to the right level of care, providing high-tech and high-touch support for populations that would typically fall through the cracks in today’s healthcare system. Proven to drive better clinical and financial outcomes for leading health systems, payors, and the Department of Defense covering 15 million lives, NeuroFlow’s platform combines consumer engagement with enterprise-level care management software and clinical support services to support integrated behavioral health at scale. To learn more, visit

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