NeuroFlow Joins the Population Health Alliance

Population Health Alliance (PHA), the industry’s only multi-stakeholder professional and trade association solely focused on population health, today announced that NeuroFlow has joined the organization as a member. NeuroFlow assists population health management teams to ensure that no patient who needs behavioral health support falls through the cracks. Their digital health tools empower patient self-care and enable remote coordination and delivery of mental health treatment at scale.

“NeuroFlow is an outstanding provider partner leading the way in the application of patient-centered behavioral support for patients across the continuum of care.” said Jaan Sidorov MD, CEO and President of the PA Clinical Network and President of the Population Health Alliance. “Their expertise and able leadership will enhance PHA’s advocacy and service for our members in our collective pursuit of excellence in population health management,” he added.

“Across payment strategies, clinical treatment, and population health research, there exists a gap between physical and behavioral health. Yet, we know co-occurrence is common and these conditions directly impact each other.” said Matt Miclette, Director of Clinical Operations at NeuroFlow. “Joining PHA presents a great opportunity to combine our technology and clinical expertise around behavioral health integration with the research, policy, and thought leadership of the PHA and its members to ultimately drive insights that will help improve access and engagement with behavioral health resources for those that need it the most,” he added.

NeuroFlow recently announced that their behavioral health solution will be offered to Prudential’s disability insurance claimants, as well as members covered by Capital BlueCross group plans.

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