NeuroFlow, the market leader in integrated healthcare technology infrastructure, announced the expanded application of its technology and clinical expertise in order to support the behavioral health of adolescent and pediatric populations in response to the growing youth mental health crisis.

Adolescents and children are facing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. A study from HHS noted that between 2016 and 2020, the number of children ages 3-17 diagnosed with anxiety grew by 29 percent and those with depression by 27 percent. Healthcare organizations are struggling to meet and respond to the growing demand for care for these vulnerable populations. NeuroFlow offers a unique and innovative approach to address this crisis by combining technology and mental health expertise to support and scale client programs to provide accessible, convenient, and personalized care to those in need.

For populations younger than 13, NeuroFlow provides a tech-based solution focused on the improved measurement and efficient behavioral health management of pediatric populations. NeuroFlow offers pediatric-specific behavioral health assessments that can be administered through either in person or digital workflows. The platform offers a purpose-built registry for collaborative care and other integrated care programs, enabling care teams to assess, risk stratify, gather insights, and track the progress of children with mental health conditions.

For adolescent populations (ages 13-17), NeuroFlow offers access to a digital patient experience providing self-care resources spanning journals, assessments, mood tracking, and audio or video guides. The solution offers adolescent-specific clinical journeys for depression and anxiety, as well as targeted topics relevant to this age group such as academic pressure, social media wellness, eating disorders, and more. The platform is also configurable to meet the unique needs of any client, with new journeys constantly being added and updated in order to digitally deliver support that is tailored for adolescents.

The platform is built to address the critical issue of suicide prevention, a major issue for younger individuals. In fact, a recent report from the CDC showed that nearly 1 in 3 teenage girls surveyed seriously considered attempting suicide—up nearly 60% from a decade ago. Dedicated to offering preventative support and high touch intervention, NeuroFlow provides a combination of customized crisis resources, natural language processing models, and a Response Services team in order to enhance existing suicide prevention efforts and initiatives for adolescent populations.

“The youth mental health crisis is one of the most pressing concerns of our time, and it’s critical that we take action to support these vulnerable populations,” said Tom Zaubler, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of NeuroFlow. “At NeuroFlow, we are committed to helping organizations enhance and scale their existing programs in order to help adolescents and children lead healthier, happier lives.”

About NeuroFlow
NeuroFlow provides the technology infrastructure that leading healthcare organizations need to deliver effective and scalable integrated programs that improve access to behavioral healthcare and lower costs. Powered by proof and clinical expertise, NeuroFlow’s next generation software enables programs to bridge the gap between physical and mental health with proven solutions for psychiatric collaborative care, suicide prevention, and more. To learn more, visit

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