NeuroFlow, a leader in technology and services for behavioral health integration, has been contracted by the U.S. Naval Academy to support Midshipmen wellness during their 47-month journey to commission as naval officers.

The new offering gives Midshipmen access to a secure mobile application designed to enhance resiliency and, when necessary, support a pathway to care. NeuroFlow’s platform confidentially captures health data to enable the system to provide tailored educational resources, health surveys, and activities. The technology was first introduced to Midshipmen in April 2021 and will be available to the incoming fall class.

“As we prepare to welcome a new class to Annapolis, it’s our goal to create an environment that recognizes the impact mental health has on overall health,” said Commander Randy G. Reese, MSC, USN, director of the Midshipman Development Center at USNA. “We’re always exploring new ways to support the overall wellness of students and proactively offer resources to those in need.”

USNA recognized considerable demand for wellness and resiliency resources among its student body before deploying NeuroFlow. A coordinated integration of NeuroFlow with existing services combined with targeted communication efforts led to high engagement, with registered users completing an average of 18 activities during their first month.

“Graduating from one of the Academies myself, I know how difficult it can be to report a symptom of deteriorating mental health and the challenges of being away from family and friends for long periods of time,” said NeuroFlow Chief Executive Officer Chris Molaro, a West Point graduate. “What we’re able to do with the Naval Academy is develop an early-stage foundation of wellness, resiliency, and self-investment in personal health. We also want the USNA’s clinical staff to have the insights they need to support the overall health of the Midshipmen.”

In recent years, USNA has found innovative solutions to support student health and wellness, expanding operations at its Midshipman Development Center and creating a system of peer advisors to assist with individuals who have underlying symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Studies show three in four students throughout the country admit the pandemic has created stress, anxiety, and depression in their lives, making mental health a top priority in higher education.

The NeuroFlow platform encrypts individual health data to ensure it is not shared or integrated into official records. The program is voluntary for Midshipmen and allows for complete privacy when journaling, submitting mood scores or other personal information. If you’re a student at the United States Naval Academy interested in learning more about NeuroFlow, please reach out to The Midshipmen Development Center (MDC) for more information.

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