Mental Health: A Mission that Matters

I wish everyone in this world who needs behavioral health services and resources had access to them. Given that 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health illness, this is no small task. 


Fortunately, at NeuroFlow one of the core values is “have a healthy disregard for the impossible.” It’s this kind of ethos and attitude that has me excited to join the company to lead their efforts in Washington, DC.   


Too often, even knowing where to turn for help or knowing that it’s okay to ask for it in the first place leaves people dealing with mental illness on their own when that shouldn’t be the outcome.  Fortunately, the walls of mental health stigma are slowly coming down, but we still have a long way to go. 


Personally and professionally, I have witnessed firsthand my fellow veterans, first responders and people of all ages and backgrounds significantly benefit when they are able to receive effective treatment for mental health issues.  Not only are their lives changed for the better, but so are the lives of their wives, husbands, friends, sons and daughters, caregivers and so many others.


Living a full life, free from mental anguish shouldn’t be out of reach due to barriers, such as cost, stigma, access to care, age, or geographic location.  Technology now touches every part of our lives, and when designed and deployed in a thoughtful manner,  it can play a pivotal role in improving our behavioral health.   


NeuroFlow helps countless healthcare providers bridge this critical – and costly – gap between mental and physical with evidence based tools and data driven personalization. What excites me is the potential this type of tool has in the fields and domains I’ve built my career on. The government, military, first responders, non-for-profits; the application and value of integrated behavioral health has a direct  impact on  improving outcomes and lowering costs.  To put it simple, organizations are healthy when their people are healthy. 


I couldn’t be more excited to start helping by bringing behavioral health tools and treatment to those who need them. Let’s get this started. 


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