Meet the Team: Noah Wise – Senior Designer

As Senior Designer and one of the longest tenured employees, Noah Wise gives the NeuroFlow brand style as well as substance. Noah first joined the marketing team as a video contractor but along his journey to full time Senior Designer, his incredible eye for design can be felt in our mobile app animations, website, emails, product collateral and much much more. Based in Austin, Texas, Noah’s creativity encapsulates a key value of NeuroFlow, “make complex and powerful things simple and beautiful”.  And while he’s a wizard with multimedia production, his creativity stretches beyond the world of digital design into some fascinating hobbies. We asked Noah a few questions about his time at NeuroFlow, read more below!

Q: Can you talk a bit about how you ended up at NeuroFlow?

I was in my senior year studying media production at Temple University in Philadelphia when I saw a post for a “Video Marketing Contractor” position on my school’s job board. The company name NeuroFlow stood out to me as I’ve long had an interest in neuroscience and personal connection to mental health. It was a great way to combine my skills in video/media production and interest in brain health! I’ve since expanded my role into all things multimedia design at the company, being hired full-time as a Designer in April of 2020. 

Q: What is your day to day work structure like? 

I work on the marketing team designing all sorts of multimedia assets supporting multiple teams including Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product, and People Ops. teams. I’m usually working on multiple projects at once (in a day), whether that’s animating a product explainer video, designing a brochure to help our customers educate their population, or maintaining and enhancing our website. For example, below is an image I designed to help care teams on the provider side of the platform learn how to assign their patients activities based on their unique needs. One of the earlier videos I worked on, a Coping Skills video that is offered in our mobile app, was a great example of how a designer at NeuroFlow has the opportunity to lead projects that require collaboration with our Clinical Operations, Product, and Marketing teams. 

Product Vignette for Customers

Q: How has the remote work experience been for you?  Does NeuroFlow offer any work/life balance solutions that help support you?

It has been pretty smooth working remote from Austin. NeuroFlow allows a flexible work schedule and values productivity over punching the clock. So, while there is a slight time-zone difference, I’m still able to work effectively in the hours that best suit me. NeuroFlow also offers reimbursements for travel to the office in Philadelphia a couple times a year when it’s important to bring the team together in-person. I’ve found this helps with better cohesion to the team as a remote employee.

Q: As your career at NeuroFlow has grown, you’ve done a great job of bridging the gap between the marketing and product teams. Any suggestions for other designers or readers on how to help those teams stay in sync?

It’s just important to communicate often, and have a regular cadence for syncing with people from other teams. For example, it was helpful for me to access the designs that the product team was working on in Figma (UI Design Software), and carry those same styles and motifs into the marketing world to ensure consistency from a brand perspective. The awareness of how design elements might be evolving and the why behind them is key.

Team Member Noah Wise in his music studio

Q: You’re a fantastic music producer in your free time! Any tips for people looking to explore a passion while maintaining a career?

I would say making as much time for your passion as possible while still maintaining your social life and physical activity is the ultimate balance you have to strike. Making regular time for each is helpful. I take it seriously but try not to put too much pressure on myself or else it tends to stifle my creativity and motivation. I try to look at music as something I will do regardless of success or failure, it’s just a part of my life because I enjoy it. 

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