Meet the Team: Kelsey Stratton, Lead UI/UX Designer

The exciting mission and fantastic culture here at NeuroFlow are shaped daily by the individual personalities on our team. It’s important to remember that behind every line of code, every call with a customer, and every pixel on our website, is a person helping to move us forward in our mission to make every day life better for those living with a mental health disorder.  We like to highlight these people and their story in a series called “Meet the Team”. For our latest version, meet Kelsey Stratton, NeuroFlow’s Lead UI/UX designer!


Kelsey has helped to establish and guide the NeuroFlow brand since her very first day on the job.  The clean and simple UI of our mobile app, the slick graphics on our website, all of this and more have been graced by that amazing “Kelsey effect” that comes from her unique background combining brand strategy, user research, and business insights. Now we just need her to share some of her dancing skills with the rest of the NeuroFlow team…


NeuroFlow’s Lead UI/UX Designer Kelsey Stratton

Q: Could you tell us about your path to NeuroFlow?
A: Early on in my career, I experienced print and digital graphic design on both the client and agency side. I designed logos, brand guidelines, websites, emails, animated videos, infographics, and more for brands such as Comcast, LinkedIn, Penn State, Capital One, and GSK. When I decided to challenge myself by making the move to product design, I reflected on my career and tried to pinpoint the times I felt most invigorated. I discovered that I loved working as a part of a decisive, nimble team that could move fast and iterate. I also recognized there was one irrefutable fact about making the leap to the product world: I had to believe in the product and feel it could make an impact. That is why I reached out to NeuroFlow.


Q: Why is good UI/UX important in healthcare?
A: Healthcare is a unique industry in which users are essentially required to utilize your application. I’ve found strong user interface and thoughtful user experience are not commonplace, as a result. However, this poor usability has consequences in healthcare in particular, where every minute spent fighting with technology is a minute not spent with a patient, or from the patient’s point of view, not feeling better. It’s essential to create clear interfaces with seamless experiences to make the overall process more efficient, and more engaging.


Q: What is your design philosophy?
A: The beautiful challenge I’ve found that comes with design is turning complicated, potentially messy problems, into pleasing, easily-understood experiences. In order to do that successfully, I strive to make things simple yet significant and to remember that more is not always more.


Q: What keeps you busy outside of work?
A: I am a semi-professional salsa dancer so that keeps me both busy and creative! But even with rehearsals, performances, trainings, etc., I am sure to still make time to enjoy the great restaurant scene here in Philly, as well!


Q: What is your favorite part of our office?
A: I love how accessible the office is to a ton of great things Philly has to offer—City Hall, Dilworth Park, Rittenhouse Square, La Colombe, Konditori, and tons of bars, restaurants, and shops. Not to mention, it’s close to my home so it makes for a quick commute!


Q: Got any big Spring/Summer travel plans?
A: Now that it’s starting to warm up, I’m looking forward to exploring the Philly neighborhoods more. I’m a huge foodie, so I will definitely be up and down Passyunk quite a bit this summer. As for outside of Philly, there are plenty of weddings coming up (including my brother’s!) so I’ll be traveling throughout the East Coast and into Canada!

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