Meet the Team: Karmpreet Kaur, MBA

The phrase “building the plane while flying it” can sometimes serve as an apt description of what it feels like to be part of a high growth company.  NeuroFlow Customer Success Manager, Karmpreet (Karm) Kaur knows this all too well. Joining the team at the start of 2020, Karm hit the ground running on supporting our growing customer base while also helping to build out the structures and processes essential to creating a successful yet sustainable Customer Success department.

Whether it is personally or professionally, Karm is always finding ways to make herself and those around her better. We dive a bit deeper into her thoughts on all the above, what drew her to healthcare, and lessons learned as a new dog owner in our latest “Meet the Team.” Enjoy!

Q: Can you talk a bit about your professional path that led you to NeuroFlow?
A: Mental health is especially close to my heart after growing up with immigrant parents and in a community where people are very much in denial about mental health. Even in my own family, it was initially seen as a form of disobedience versus a true issue that required support and attention.  After seeing a close family member going through depression and suicidal ideation, it’s been a personal priority to have these uncomfortable conversations starting with my inner circle. I found NeuroFlow after taking some time away from the corporate world to really find a company that aligns with what’s important to me. Being so connected with our clinical customers allows me to hear firsthand experiences from our providers and patients on the challenges and limitations they face, especially when it comes to mental health. 

CS Manager Karmpreet Kaur, MBA

Q: You’ve been in healthcare for the majority of your career, what drew you to it?
A: Growing up in an Indian-immigrant household, I was nurtured with the ideals of becoming a doctor one day. As I learned more about the field, I pivoted (insert Friends’ reference) and decided to pursue the business route, with my MBA!  But healthcare was always important and interesting to me as I’ve consistently been drawn to working with others. A key career moment was working in a pediatric ED here in North Philadelphia – it was my first behind the scene glimpse into healthcare. From there, my passion to better understand the administrative and clinical challenges only grew as I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of providers across many specialties. The nearly ten years I’ve spent in healthcare have helped me understand how each and every provider has their unique challenges.

“Being so connected with our clinical customers allows me to hear firsthand experiences from our providers and patients on the challenges and limitations they face, especially when it comes to mental health” – Karm Kaur


Q: The CS team at NeuroFlow has a life of its own! What do you think are key elements of a successful CS squad?
A: We take a ton of pride in the bond that our team has.  Especially with the shift to remote work due to the pandemic, doubling down on open and frequent communication has been so critical to keeping us together and agile in our response to customer needs and the overall increased demand for mental health access and resources.  If this year has shown us anything, it is that things can change quickly, but knowing that I have a team to support me and back me up is what really makes this team special.  I can say with 100% confidence that we’d pass the trust fall test every time. 

Q: You’re a big believer in development, both professionally and personally, where does that come from and what has been something you’ve really tried to make progress on this year?
A: I’m very much a people person and love to learn more about those around me; I think there’s something to be said for the power and importance of communication. To me, there’s a subtle but important difference in just speaking and being intentional. Reading “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss as part of the NeuroFlow book club was easily one of my peaks in professional development in 2020 – because we’re negotiating all the time. Everything from “can I have that last donut?” to gaining customer trust and buy-in can be tied back to the various lessons and tricks of the trade in that book.

Q:  You’re a proud new dog owner and Zola is a frequent guest star on our #neuropets slack channel! Any big tips or helpful resources you’ve come across for new pet owners?
A: Time and patience are the keys to your success! As someone who adopted a rescue pup – it took time to earn Zola’s trust, but it has been very worthwhile especially because she’s famous for dishing out some award winning puppy hugs. There’s never a perfect time to become a pet owner- like many other big life decisions – but I’ve found the experience to be completely worth it for all the love you receive in return.

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