Meet the Team: Jung Kim, Sr. Customer Success Manager

What if there was an employee who could do it all? Work the booth at a tradeshow like a seasoned veteran, lead a customer onboarding call with ease, suggest (and then test) a new product feature, and get back in time to lead an evening yoga class? Certainly such an employee doesn’t exist, right? Well clearly you haven’t met Jung Kim, NeuroFlow’s Sr. Customer Success Manager.


Bringing an extensive background in healthcare and implementation to the team, Jung has made a massive impact since day one and continually elevates the efforts of our customer success team and the entire NeuroFlow family.  Underlying her incredible efficiency and knack for creating, scaling, and optimizing new processes is an infectious personality that rarely goes unnoticed in our office. Check out our interview below with Jung!


Q: Our team has grown quite a bit since you’ve joined. In your opinion, what’s important about company culture as we continue to grow?                 
A: The NeuroFlow fam life is real! I worked super hard in my career to find a company that I felt truly aligned with in terms of mission, team, being of service, and collaboration. Like any other setting that allows us to grow – whether personally or professionally – being able to trust those around you and having a safe space to express your thoughts is essential.


Q: Customer success at NeuroFlow is such a vital role, how do you think about delivering high touch support while still scaling up and helping the company grow quickly?
A: It’s a really great question and the simple answer is that it’s typically really challenging! Having worked at previous companies in both healthcare and pharma, I noticed how difficult it can be to truly prioritize CS but not being able to fully execute with decisive action.

I love that even with my short time at NeuroFlow, it’s apparent that my experience and opinion is highly valued. Sure, we’ll have to constantly iterate on processes and find ways to communicate effectively across departments. Even still, I think we’ve positioned ourselves for success when it comes to implementing technology at culturally different healthcare settings thanks to strategic, collaborative efforts from sales, product, marketing, clinical operations, design; pretty much the entire team!


“The NeuroFlow fam life is real!” – Jung Kim


NeuroFlow’s Sr. Customer Success Manager Jung Kim showing off her Yoga skills!

Q: You’re also a yoga instructor, any parallels between what you do in the studio and in the office?
A: Totally! Yoga refers to the bringing together of various aspects of our lives – mind, body, soul -and the intention to bring various parts together in the office and how we serve our customers falls right into this bucket.  I constantly try to prioritize finding the Vinyasa (flow) and emphasize an artful approach to living holistically. There’s a constant intention to apply the skill and awareness of yoga to all the rhythms and sequences of life in and out of the office or studio, whether it’s about self-care, relationships, work, or personal development.


Q: Did the balance and relationship between the two come naturally?
A: Ummm not exactly.  I actually had my first ever panic attack a couple of years ago when I was practicing and teaching quite a bit of yoga.  It is kind of ironic when I think about how much “work” I was doing in the yoga world. I was treating them separately and my body/mind paid the price. The experience actually drew me towards our mission at NeuroFlow and the opportunity to build and grow something that could have such a positive impact for millions of people.


Q: Not sure how you squeeze in the hours, but apparently, you’re training for the Philly Marathon! That’s awesome, any training tips or thoughts on your first meal after you cross the finish line?
A: Funny enough, I remember uttering the words “never again” when my husband and I did our first one two years ago! But interestingly, I have noticed that the longer training runs can actually serve as some pretty decent exposure therapy for anticipatory stress. There’s a lot of potential anticipation from knowing that you have to (or rather, get to) run 17 miles later that weekend. Always open to any new food adventures, so I’m all ears!


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