Meet the Team: Durel Williams – Government Affairs Specialist

As NeuroFlow’s Government Affairs Specialist, Durel Williams contributes to a variety of projects supporting growth, clinical operations, and client success.  His path to NeuroFlow is unique in that it started while Durel was serving with the Air Force and became involved with NeuroFlow due to the company’s work with AFWERX.  Upon concluding his military service and transition to civilian life, Durel jumped at the chance to join the NeuroFlow team and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the squad. Check out the Q&A below to learn more about Durel, his perspective on mental health in the military, and his unique experience as a resilience trainer.

Q: You were actually familiar with NeuroFlow as a partner/customer during your time in the USAF, and now you’re part of the team; what has surprised you the most about NeuroFlow in that transition from partner/customer to team member?

As a partner to NeuroFlow in the military, I knew my calling to be a mental health professional was being fulfilled, but no one at my Air Force job spoke the same language…we were a career of Security Force Members, not mental health professionals. The sheer amount of talent on the NeuroFlow team here has been such a pleasant surprise and keeps pushing me to be better each day.

Q: Have things changed when it comes to talking about and understanding mental health in the military from the time you began your military career? 

One hundred percent! Twenty years ago, I came into the military knowing it was a “suffer in silence” era; however, I have watched the military respond with the sincerest forms of care. I personally can attest, the magnitude to which the military will go in order to take care of our troops is beyond measure.

Q: Any tips for service members looking to make the transition from military service to working at a technology company?

A few of the skillsets I brought from my military service that apply directly to my current include time management, prioritization, empathy, and leadership.  Beyond these important soft skills, I recommend that servicemembers looking to transition from the military to a technology company familiarize themselves with mobile applications, systems and software, as well as tech terminology and industry trends.

Durel sharing a lighter moment as a training leader

Q: You’re a master resilience trainer, can you help explain what that is and how you’ve applied it in your career?

Resilience is not merely a cliche term or catchphrase. It is the ability to actually persevere through life’s challenges with a mental tenacity that brings forth growth during turbulent times. As a Master Resilience Trainer, I have helped thousands of military members through deployments, daunting courses, suicidality, sexual assault, and a plethora of issues that would otherwise stop members from completing their commitment in the Profession of Arms.

Additionally, being a Master Resilience Trainer forced me to practice what I preach. So here I am, a survivor of many personal and professional tragedies….but because of resilience, I am here, and I am proud to have helped many other survivors as well.

Q: You’re also pursuing an advanced degree in psychology, where did that interest come from? Was that something you became interested in during your military service, or had it always been there?

In 2016 I attended a personal sabbatical to explore the root of traumas and codependency. When I left that sabbatical, I knew that it was time to officially begin my journey to become a mental health professional, and not merely a resilience trainer. After completely switching my major to Psychology, I graduated Cum Laude and decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology to further utilize the skills I had developed in service. I now have 15 credit hours remaining and am super excited to help bring work-life balance, change and organizational development to the workplace when my degree is complete.

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