Meet the Team: Chrissy McKinnon – Behavioral Health Care Manager

When we talk about the importance of combining high-tech with high-touch to deliver the best experience for NeuroFlow users, we have to talk about our amazing Clinical Services team. As a member of that team and a Behavioral Health Care Manager, Chrissy McKinnon brings a personal, trusted touch to the integrated care delivered by NeuroFlow.  Chrissy’s efforts enable our healthcare partners to stand up and scale care programs combining technology, personal outreach, and care management that help people get better, faster. In the interview below, we chat with Chrissy about her path to NeuroFlow, tips for those interested in the field of social work, and her experience as a Tilman Scholar!

Q: You’ve had a wide range of experiences during your career, what lessons have stayed with you during your roles?

A: I’ve learned that some of the most important skills a social worker can develop are authenticity, radical acceptance, and presence. When comfortable with ourselves, we make space for others to express themselves. As they share freely—piecing together their own thoughts, values, beliefs, motivations—there is an opportunity for integration, transformation, and growth. I was given this gift years ago by an amazing social worker in my life, and I hope every day to pass it on.

Q: What tips would you give for those interested in careers in social work?

A: Go for it! As a teenager, I was a member of the State Youth Advisory Board in Maryland (a foster-youth run advocacy group); together we spoke to our state representatives about public policy and witnessed The Maryland Tuition Waiver for Foster Care Recipients Bill signed into law. I learned that advocacy can lead to lasting change and I couldn’t think of anything more purposeful to dedicate my life to. Social work is such a versatile profession that offers many opportunities to explore the beauty and complexity of people in their environments.

I’ve learned that some of the most important skills a social worker can develop are authenticity, radical acceptance, and presence

Q: How have you seen the conversation around mental health change throughout your career in social work?

A: My favorite shift in the mental health conversation is decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness. While there is more work to be done, it is more socially acceptable to share struggles with anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, trauma, addiction, etc. With less stigma, people are reaching out and getting medications and learning coping skills that are often life-changing. Technology is also aiding in reducing stigma by increasing awareness and the accessibility of care.

Team member Chrissy McKinnon

Q: You’re a Tillman Scholar, what’s been the best part of that experience and community?

A: Being part of the Tilman Scholar community is the greatest honor of my life. Every scholar I’ve met embodies the core values and legacy of Pat Tillman: service, scholarship, humble leadership, and impact. The community members’ stories – full of passion, creativity, tenacity ,and courage – inspire action and motivate me each day to dream big and take risks.

Q: You’re supporting some great efforts at NeuroFlow, does one really jump out to you that you’re excited about?

A: Witnessing the collaborative care model in action – combined with NeuroFlow’s technology – and hearing stories of progress and treatment plan success makes me excited to go to work everyday! I’ve watched people’s symptoms decrease from severe to mild in only a few weeks with the combination of medications, psychoeducation, symptom tracking, and community resource connection. Because of the integrated symptom tracking, collaborative team approach, and close monitoring of progress, people truly do get better, faster. 

Q: What’s a fun thing that most team members might not know about you?

A: Being part of a military family has been an adventure! We’ve lived in MD, TN, GA, WA, SC, HI, TX, and traveled through most of the states. I love exploring nature and have been fortunate to live in some of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Interested in joining Chrissy and others on the NeuroFlow team? Check out our career opportunities!

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