Meet the Team: Andrew Kahn, Sr. Sales Manager

The amazing product and fantastic culture here at NeuroFlow are shaped directly by the individual personalities on our team. It is important to remember that behind every line of code, every call with a customer, and every pixel on our website, is a person helping to move us forward in our mission to make everyday life better for those living with a mental health illness. So, we like to highlight these people and their stories in a series called “Meet the Team.” For our latest version, meet Andrew Kahn, NeuroFlow’s Senior Sales Manager.  When he’s not advising healthcare leaders on the benefits of behavioral health integration and collaborative care, Andrew can be found on the ski slopes of Colorado or cheering on his hometown New England Patriots.



Q: How did you first find out about NeuroFlow?
A: After 5 years of helping hospitals, practices, and clinicians improve their workflows and revenue at athenahealth, I wanted to get more involved with technology driven solutions helping improve patient outcomes. I came across NeuroFlow and felt an immediate connection to the mission and saw the perfect intersection of my previous roles and new ambitions.


Q: We hear you have a bit of a healthcare background, what triggered your initial interest?
A: Oh gosh, I’ve been drawn to healthcare and helping people since I was 14 or 15. I was a lifeguard at 15, EMT-Basic by 18, and EMT-Paramedic by 22. Undergrad was focused on pre-med. At some point in my 9-1-1 career, I became increasingly fascinated by technology’s role in advancing healthcare. I guess that’s where my doctor ambitions started to be overcome by a growing interest in health technology and business. I maintain my paramedic license and have (unfortunately) had to use my skills several times in the air.


Q: You are the newest full-time employee at NeuroFlow. What are your early impressions?
A: It’s hard to stop smiling. I am overwhelmingly appreciative that this team allowed me to join them. What an electric and motivated group!


Q: What keeps you busy outside of work?
A: Exploring as much of Colorado’s vibrant adventure, nature, and social offerings as I can.


Q: Any top podcast/movies you’re really liking?
A: Big fan of NPR’s How I Built This and Stuff You Should Know


Q: Any hidden talents?
A: Is gleefully winning Android vs Apple debates a talent? Android is always the answer ; )


Q: Denver vs. Philly? Who ya got?
A: As if either stand a chance against my hometown of Boston. Go Pats!


Q: Top 3 places for a bite + beer in Denver?
A: Avantithere barWilliams & Graham (in no particular order)


Interested in joining Andrew and the rest of the NeruoFlow team? We’re currently hiring for multiple roles!

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