Measuring What Matters: Big Updates to Trackers in NeuroFlow

When it comes to your health, it’s all about measuring what matters. We kept hearing feedback from our awesome users about wanting to get a better view and understanding of their health data, so we’re excited to announce a host of exciting new upgrades to our trackers.

With just a few clicks, you can start tracking your mood, sleep, stress, pain, and pain impact all right from one simple menu. Consistent tracking lets you notice patterns in how your overall health is progressing, so you can now view your historical trends at a glance and even get helpful resources or suggestions when appropriate. 

Want to see your average mood for the past 7 days or visualize how your pain has been trending? Dive into your data at your discretion with helpful widgets and metrics right at your fingertips. Plus, if you set a reminder, you’ll earn rewards points for keeping up with your trackers. And don’t worry, if you forget to log something, you now have the ability to fill in any gaps within the last 7 days.

In the face of uncertain times, maintaining and building consistent habits can be difficult. We know that tracking your thoughts and feelings can give you a slight sense of control, and we hope these upgrades give you the ability to truly understand the connection between mind and body. The insights and suggestions will be specific to you and your needs, ultimately leading you on a path to better overall wellness. Keep an eye out for even more improvements coming soon!

Reach out if you have any questions or ideas on how we can help make NeuroFlow the best tool possible to support you and your health.

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