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What Is Measurement-Based Care?

Measurement-based care (MBC) can be defined as the practice of basing clinical care on data collected throughout treatment. MBC is considered a core component of numerous evidence-based practices and frameworks that can be added to any treatment.

Traditional physical health has measurement, and so should behavioral health.



Treatment: Insulin, Dietary Changes, Medication.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Treatment: Medical Procedures, Exercise, Stress Management.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Treatment: CBT, Integrated Care, Mindfulness, Medication.

What Are The Benefits of MBC?

Improved Patient Outcomes

In a randomized controlled trial, researchers found that 74% of patients receiving MBC experienced remission improvements for depression (compared to 29% in control group).*

*Guo et al., 2015

Increased Engagement

76% of NeuroFlow users remain engaged with their care beyond six weeks, with an average of 31 activities completed in the first month.*

*NeuroFlow internal data (n > 37,000)

Meets Joint Commission Standards

Launched in 2018, Standard CTS 03.01.09 requires behavioral health organizations to assess outcomes for the individuals they serve through the use of a standardized tool or instrument.

Only 20% of Clinicians
Implement MBC Due To:

  • EMR Integration Challenges

  • Low Patient Engagement

  • Clinician or Staff Burden Concerns

  • Complex Clinical Workflows

Making Measurement-Based Care a Breeze

NeuroFlow helps you to automate, simplify, and scale the delivery of MBC in a cost-effective manner.



Risk stratify your population to most effectively use your limited personnel.



Adjust treatment plans and conduct caseload reviews on a simple to use, cloud-based registry.



Improve patient adherence in-between visits with personalized tools and resources.

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