Take Charge of Your Overall Wellbeing with NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow offers a wide variety of self-care and clinical resources including videos, health trackers,  journal prompts, breathing guides, and more.


Related activities are often grouped into Journeys, helping you track progress and get rewarded for working on your overall health. Read more about Journeys here or check out a quick preview of them below!

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NeuroFlow has helpful resources on wellbeing topics that are important for your health

Feeling Down (Depression)
Managing Stress
Parenting Wellness
Worry and Tension (Anxiety)
Attention and Focus (ADHD)
Healthy Relationships
Alcohol Use
Living Well (Diet and Activity)
Preventing Burnout
Substance Use
Thriving at Work

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Videos are a helpful way to learn. For example, this video on SMART Goals teaches you how to set goals that meet your needs. You will discover how to choose goals that keep you on track for what you are trying to achieve.


Journaling about your feelings is linked to decreased mental distress. NeuroFlow enables you to complete journal entries assigned by your provider/organization or to just keep a personal journal for reflection!

Try out a Gratitude Journal Prompt:

Clinical Surveys

Clinical surveys and questionnaires are built directly into NeuroFlow Journeys to help you measure your health. For example, the WHO-5 is a short, self-reported measure of current mental wellbeing. This is a sample survey and your data is not be stored or accessed.

Please respond to each item by marking one box per row, regarding how you felt in the last two weeks.

Breathing Guides

NeuroFlow offers guided breathing exercises to help you manage your breathing and reduce stress.


You’ll earn points for completing activities, and the more you complete the more you earn. Points are redeemable for gift cards at retailers such as Target, Starbucks, Walmart, and more.*

*Not available for all users, check with your provider or organization.

This is just a small preview of the many activities you can complete in a NeuroFlow Journey.

These grouping of activities, which can be completed on your own or assigned to you by your organization or care provider, help guide your progress to a better you. See below for some of the Journeys available in NeuroFlow.

Treatment Education for Opioid Use


Returning to Work After a Leave

Building Connections (Loneliness)

Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm

Post-traumatic stress (Trauma)

Positive Psychology

Living With a Disability

Quitting Tobacco

Crisis Support

Coping with Loss (Grief)

Crisis Support

Chronic Pain

Mindful Living (Mindfulness)

Food and Diet Behaviors (Eating Disorder)

Social Determinants of Health

Emotion Regulation

And More

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