Delivering Integrated Health Care at Scale With Technology

Physical and behavioral health are inextricably linked. We help healthcare organizations provide behavioral health solutions population wide, improving access to care and helping to manage comorbid conditions.


of people with chronic conditions also suffer from mental illness


increase in costs PMPM for members with chronic disease and unaddressed mental illness


increase in ED utilization for BH conditions such as anxiety, depression, or stress reactions

Why Implement Integrated Health Care?

Integrated health care—models that unify physical and behavioral health care—is proven to be the most effective and efficient way to deliver holistic care.

While rising demand for mental health services makes integrated care an imperative for many organizations, it remains challenging to implement. NeuroFlow streamlines this process by building critical infrastructure and providing care team support to simplify integration, adapting to unique organizational needs.

How NeuroFlow Supports Integrated Care

Today’s process for supporting behavioral health fails both patients and providers, as the overwhelming demand for behavioral health services strains limited resources and ultimately PCPs are left to manage escalating issues on their own.

NeuroFlow alleviates resource bottlenecks by providing the foundational building blocks providers need to successfully execute integrated care. Our technology empowers universal screening, digital self-management tools, and risk stratification. These tools allow healthcare organizations to address behavioral health issues early, take stress off the referral system, and match individuals to the right level of care.

When your organization is ready to embrace integrated care, NeuroFlow embeds behavioral health specialists within care teams and provides a feedback loop to providers to make integrated care part of the care continuum.

The Leading Solution for High-Touch, High-Tech Care


Digital Engagement Platform for Measurement and Self-Care



Clinical Decision Support Platform



Behavioral Health Staffing & Support




Digital Engagement Platform for Measurement & Self-Care

Clinical Decision Support Platform

Behavioral Health Staffing & Support


of NeuroFlow users with a clinical PHQ score achieve response (50% reduction in depression symptoms) within 4-8 months


of NeuroFlow users with a clinical GAD score achieve response (50% reduction in anxiety symptoms) within 4-8 months


Of NeuroFlow users with a clinical GAD score achieve remission (score <5) within 4-8 months

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See How PASS Cut Costs Through Incremental Integration

  • Pain and Spine Specialists (PASS) built a foundation for integrated care with NeuroFlow
  • Tech-enabled screening helped identify who needed behavioral health support or integrated care
  • PASS achieved a 72% depression response rate in just six months
  • And the organization saved an estimated $264K within the first year of implementation

How We Simplify Integration

NeuroFlow integrates directly into EHR and care management tools to sync seamlessly with existing workflows. These integrations support a constant feedback loop, ensuring the latest patient data appears in the platforms providers are already using.

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