How Technology and a Human Touch Creates a Happier, Healthier World

One of my favorite parts of my job as the Clinical Services Manager at NeuroFlow is when I sit down to call a user who has been identified as needing more support. During those calls, I have the opportunity to learn more about their story and hear how NeuroFlow is supporting them in the right way at the right time. Recently, a woman I called told me “I’ve been looking for something like this (NeuroFlow), where I can check-in every day and that would give me what I’ve been looking for.”  She mentioned, “I rolled my eyes a little when I saw the videos but when I watched them I was surprised because they’re not what you usually see when you watch videos about depression and mental health.”

She’s not the only person who has told me about how much they have learned from and enjoyed the videos and content on NeuroFlow. Other users talk about sharing the evidence-based resources with family members, friends and people in their support group – spreading the knowledge and insight they have gained with their community.  Here are just a handful of other great reviews we’ve gotten about NeuroFlow from our users commenting on both their experience with the NeuroFlow app and our Response Services team:

“Love using this app, it helps me get through the day” – iOS app store review

“I thought I knew almost all there is to know about coping mechanisms. Clearly I was wrong. This app is amazing and I’m just getting started.” –  iOS app store review

“I appreciate the app because it keeps me focused and checking on myself and my own health. It helps you with other important information that could be beneficial as well. A good thing..” –  iOS app store review

“This has been a game changer for me. It has great videos and coping techniques you can learn. It really helps me keep myself organized and together.” – Android app store review 

“I think this app is wonderful so far and is easy to use” – Android app store review

I also recently shared some details about the exciting ways in which we’re combining technology with human response and support in a video interview:

“I appreciate your teams work, the app has been worth my time. The resources you are tapping are excellent, some of them I am well aware of from Youtube channels, but others I’ve not seen.” – Customer support message

“Thank you for helping me with my account issues. I love NeuroFlow!! Mostly because of the Tools that I can use on Neuroflow. They are so much help in all areas of my mind, body, and soul. ?” –  Customer support message

“NeuroFlow has become part of my life” –  In app survey

“I am really so excited about NeuroFlow. it makes me stop and take care of my wellbeing for short periods of time during the day.” –  In app survey

“I think this app is the bee’s knees! So thoughtful. The developers and content folks are so much better than any other app I’ve used!.” –  In app survey

For other users, what they needed the most was the call they received from our Response Services team. One NeuroFlow user described receiving it as “someone sending them a parachute to save them that they didn’t even know they needed.” On these calls, users often share what they are going through in that moment – stories about chronic pain, the loss of a child, the death of a parent, experiences of violence, and deep feelings of depression – and this gives us the opportunity to provide customized assistance by connecting them with resources like grief support groups and domestic violence hotlines or helping them to make an appointment for therapy.

Even with my background in mental health and crisis work, I have been surprised by how much our users have opened up and shared what they are struggling with when they receive a call. What I’ve realized is that our combination of technology and human touch is what makes this possible. Our Severity Score identifies a time when individuals need support, helping to bridge the gap towards personalized, human outreach. We’ve reached out in the right way at the right time for many individuals – like the person who said: “this app/service has saved my life. Thank you.”

I’m beyond excited about the team we are building (we’re actively hiring!) and the opportunities to support more users,  hear even more feedback, and continue our mission to create a happier, healthier world.

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