Integrate Behavioral Health at Scale

NeuroFlow’s highly customizable technology supports your organization’s journey towards more holistic and effective care

NeuroFlow’s End-to-End Solution Addresses the Needs of Your Entire Population

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Engage individuals with behavioral health assessments and personalized, evidence-based activities


  • Digitally deliver content for general wellness as well as conditions like depression, anxiety, and more


  • Frequent, remote screening enables proactive risk stratification across your population


  • Behavioral economics, gamification and rewards programs drive sustained engagement


Track severity in real-time and intervene to support individuals with rising levels of risk


  • Seamless EHR integrations create efficient workflows and minimize administrative burden


  • At-Risk alerts notify care teams when individuals show signs of deteriorating conditions


  • Response Coordinators offer a human touch directing at-risk individuals to the right level of care


Manage higher acuity individuals efficiently with an AI-powered psychiatric collaborative care (CoCM) registry


  • Bulk patient invitations and assessments rapidly fill your CoCM caseload from day one


  • A cloud-based registry combined with comprehensive reporting scales your CoCM efforts


  • Staffing support augments your team’s bandwidth with behavioral health care managers and psychiatric consults  


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