How Dr. Keith Gray is Integrating Behavioral Health with NeuroFlow

Learn how Dr. Keith Gray’s Internal Medicine practice in Orlando, FL. has been using NeuroFlow to drive greater workflow efficiency and patient outcomes by integrating behavioral health into his practice


Q: Before NeuroFlow, how were you addressing the behavioral health of your patients?

A: We were screening patients in the office using paper-based questionnaires (PHQ9, GAD7). It was really important for us to consider the mental health of our patients, especially given that we’re part of an ACO that requires depression screening for all Medicare patients. However, our process was a bit old-school and didn’t have much structure.


Q: How did you use NeuroFlow to improve the process?

A: It helps us keep track of our patients, giving us the ability to see if they’re really taking their medications and how their conditions are developing. For our practice, it’s been very beneficial to be able to see how a patient is doing in between appointments – after all, the more information we have as care providers, the better. Overall, we found it to be super easy to incorporate into other aspects of our practice.


Q: Any additional benefits you’ve seen beyond patient engagement?

A: We really prioritize spending time with our patients when they come into the office. And with NeuroFlow, we’re now getting reimbursed for that time and care through relevant CPT codes. It’s helped us focus less on maximizing the number of patients we see, and more on the care that we’re providing and outcomes they’re achieving.


Q: Any advice for other clinicians looking to leverage new technology like this in their practices?

A:  I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this. Especially for providers with a younger patient base that is increasingly tech-savvy and looking for digital health tools, it doesn’t make any sense not to use the product.


Interested in using NeuroFlow to integrate behavioral health into your practice to enhance patient engagement and outcomes? Feel free to reach out and request a demo of our product!


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