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79% of Nurses at Risk for Burnout Improved Their Well-Being with NeuroFlow

Treating healthcare burnout is challenging because stigma prevents physicians and nurses alike from seeking help. NeuroFlow partnered with Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic to proactively identify at-risk healthcare workers, provide support through evidence-based, digital resources, and deliver interventions for those in crisis.


of eligible nurses registered for the NeuroFlow app, an engagement rate 3X higher than the industry average.*


of nurses with low well-being scores experienced clinical improvement within 90 days.


of nurses with low well-being scores experienced clinical improvement within 4-8 months.

*Objective User Engagement With Mental Health Apps: Systematic Search and Panel-Based Usage Analysis (see study here)

How NeuroFlow Helps

Identification & risk stratification

Identify healthcare burnout risk through regular clinical assessments, and deliver personalized care across the population

Self-directed digital resources

Remotely deliver evidence-based tools and guides that individuals can explore at their own pace and without fear of stigma

Timely interventions

Support high and rising-risk individuals with proactive outreach from our response services team

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Healthcare Burnout and the Impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions

The cost of healthcare burnout is too high to ignore. Physician burnout is estimated at $4.6B annually1 and the total cost of burnout per physician may be as high as nearly $2 million2. Even more costly is the impact on healthcare workers’ wellbeing and the erosion of team unity. Burnout is associated with increased rates of depression, substance use disorder and suicide3.

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