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What is behavioral health integration (BHI)?

BHI supports the emerging trend of treating the whole patient by facilitating the coordination of care between mental and physical health care. An effective integration of behavioral health and primary care often creates better patient outcomes while driving down the cost of care.

What is NeuroFlow?

A HIPAA-compliant technology platform supporting behavioral health access, integration, and engagement in all care settings built to improve outcomes, overall wellness, and cost of care.

Who are you working with?

From private practices to leading health systems, hundreds of providers are leveraging NeuroFlow to improve outcomes, overall wellness, and the cost of care. See what they have to say.

How easy is it to get started?

Our customer support team works to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding process. Within a month, we have customers well on their way towards behavioral health integration.

How does pricing work?

When it comes to pricing, we put our money where our mouth is. Our scaled model is based on the number of active patients/month on the platform, so you pay only for the value that you get.

Does this integrate with my EHR/EMR?

We’ve built NeuroFlow to ensure you see the value and impact of BHI with or without an EMR integration. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Redox, a leading EHR integration platform to ensure NeuroFlow can connect to whichever EMR you’re using.

How do my patients interact with it?

Patients use NeuroFlow to improve their mental health through evidence-based assignments and exercises. Once enrolled by their providers, patients can access NeuroFlow as an iOS or Android app or on the web.

How do I get reimbursed for NeuroFlow?

As of 2017, Medicare is reimbursing for care coordination and integrated behavioral health through various CPT codes. Our platform generates documentation verifying that you’ve met the requirements to be reimbursed.

How much time will it take to manage?

Informed by continuous provider feedback, NeuroFlow’s guided templates, automated assignments, and billing workflows highlight a platform that integrates seamlessly into your workflow while extending your clinical team’s reach and impact.

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