Empowered Engagement: Introducing Journeys!

We know how important measurement and progress are when managing your overall wellness. We’ve received a lot of feedback from NeuroFlow users who wanted to gain deeper insights into how their treatment plan and wellness needs fit into their overall health.

The addition of our latest feature, Journeys, is one way we’re giving users more insight into the “what” and “why” of their wellness plan. We designed this feature to make it easier to fully engage with every aspect of NeuroFlow and empower users to make better choices about their personal care. 

When you log in to see your to-do list, don’t be surprised if you see some changes! Users will see custom wellness Journeys, daily reminders, surveys, and other activities. Your providers or care specialists can now leave helpful notes on scheduled groupings of activities so you can understand the rationale behind the activities you’re being assigned and completing. 

When you use the new Journeys feature, you’ll see a chronological view of all related activities. You’ll be able to view your progress in relation to your overall wellness plan, and can even carefully track your Journey with a new progress bar!

You’ll also have more time to complete activities. Points can still expire, but aside from surveys, you can complete activities at your own pace. We hope that an extended timeline will make it easier to go about your NeuroFlow Journey at your own pace. 

We design all of our updates to give both users and providers the best care experience possible. We always welcome feedback from our users, and now is a great time to connect with the NeuroFlow community.  

What do you think of our latest feature? Are there things you want to see in our next update? Do you have ideas around what we can add to improve your NeuroFlow experience? Drop us a line so we can talk about any feedback or questions you may have!

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