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of registered users complete an initial assessment


of users report a reduction in depression or anxiety symptoms


of users with severe depression score (PHQ-9 > 19) drop to moderate or better (PHQ-9 < 14)

What is collaborative care?

Collaborative care is a specific type of integrated care approach treating common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety that require systematic follow-up due to their often chronic, persistent nature.

To learn more, see the great work done by AIMS at the University of Washington and their focus on the evidence and principles of the collaborative care model.

What Is Collaborative Care?
Why Is Collaborative Care Important?

Why is collaborative care important?

More than 80 randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews have proven the efficacy of the collaborative care model at improving behavioral and physical health outcomes in a cost-effective health delivery model.

What is the financial impact of delivering psychiatric collaborative care?

For value-based organizations, the potential for total health care cost-savings range from 5-10% for patients enrolled in collaborative care with the additional benefits of improvements to patient quality of life.

In 2018, several CPT codes were released that provide reimbursement for care teams that deliver the psychiatric collaborative care model to their patients.

Read more about the benefits of collaborative care.

How can you get paid to deliver psychiatric collaborative care?

How NeuroFlow Helps

We give you the tools needed to scale your collaborative care model in a cost-efficient manner.



Risk stratify your population to most effectively use your limited personnel



Adjust treatment plans and conduct caseload reviews on a simple to use, cloud-based registry



Improve patient adherence in-between visits with personalized tools and resources

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