Leading the Market with a Best-in-Class Patient Registry

NeuroFlow’s cloud-based patient registry is designed specifically for the Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), built with industry-leading technology and clinical expertise.


What is the Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM)?

The Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) is the most effective integrated care model for behavioral health, using a holistic team-based approach to treating common mental health conditions by integrating behavioral health providers into the primary care team.

NeuroFlow’s flexible solution offers the technology and services to scale CoCM sustainably, depending on the needs of the organization.


What Role does the CoCM Registry Play?

The patient registry is the caseload management tool that allows Behavioral Health Care Managers to track their panel of patients enrolled in CoCM. 

A registry must:

  • Track clinical outcomes and progress at both the individual patient level and overall caseload level for the target population
  • Identify patients not improving to prioritize for treatment adjustment or psychiatric case review
  • Enable efficient, systematic psychiatric caseload review

Unfortunately, most organizations attempting CoCM use static, manual tools to accomplish these functions, making this process time consuming and hard to scale.

Why NeuroFlow’s Registry is the New Market Standard

NeuroFlow has the only cloud-based patient registry that is purpose-built for CoCM, eases caseload management through AI and automation, and offers an accompanying patient engagement tool to drive better outcomes.

  • Longitudinal tracking for the entire patient panel across multiple integrated care programs
  • AI-driven severity filters to drive prioritization within the patient panel
  • Straightforward time-tracking and documentation  
  • Interoperable with your EHR
  • Delivery of remote digital assessments to identify CoCM-appropriate patients at scale and ramp the program up quickly
  • Patient engagement tool that syncs with the registry to enable ongoing monitoring 
  • Standardized curricula of digital health journeys to reinforce care manager activity

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