Turnkey Clinical Solutions to Maximize Your Program’s Impact

NeuroFlow’s expert clinical team is here to partner with you every step of the way, from setting up your programs to staffing services across the acuity spectrum.

Wide Spectrum of Flexible Clinical Solutions

Program Development and Consultations

High Risk Intervention

Behavioral Health and Care Management

Program Development and Consultations

  • Clinical expertise in creating and developing sustainable integrated care, population health, and suicide prevention programs
  • Hands-on workflow design, administrative and care team trainings, program evaluation, and more 
  • Additional consultations on an ongoing basis even after program launch

High Risk Intervention

  • NeuroFlow’s Response Services acts as the frontline for outreach to rising risk individuals 
  • Response Services takes an evidence-based and individualized approach, spending extensive time ensuring all are supported with the right level of care and resources
  • NeuroFlow takes on responsibility that most organizations find challenging




Number of people identified with suicidal ideation in 2023

Of people who we reached have been connected with a referral

Of people who receive our at-risk email click to access resources

Optional Extended Care Team Staffing Support

  • Coaching support to help manage a variety of chronic medical conditions
  • Dedicated behavioral health care manager for integrated and collaborative care models, leading to increased continuity and effectiveness of care
  • Psychiatric consultants available 
  • Flexible turn-key or short-term staffing to fit your program needs

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  • Improve care program efficiency
  • Enhance suicide prevention
  • Scale integrated care models

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