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The Challenge

Relievus, an integrated pain clinic with 20 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, was seeking a new way to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction through the integration of mental and physical health. Treating physical pain was their expertise, but the leadership team knew there was room for improvement when it came to delivering truly holistic care and improving their patient’s quality of life.

Engaging with chronic pain patients—many of whom struggle with mental health issues—in between appointments remained challenging. Previously, providers screened patients for mental health comorbidities at their first appointment, but that data was rarely actionable, digital, or updated. What they needed was a remote monitoring solution to extend the impact of their care in a scalable fashion while helping to lift Relievus above their competition.


The Solution

By leveraging IntegrateHealth, NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant digital health platform, dozens of clinicians were able to monitor their patient’s mental health remotely and modify care plans as needed. IntegrateHealth provided Relievus with more frequent and actionable insights into a patient’s behavioral health—often a key indicator of care plan adherence. “Now we’re able to see on a daily basis how each patient is doing,” said Young J. Lee, MD, a pain specialist and one the clinic’s managing partners.

The platform, a major upgrade from Relievus’s pen and paper based solution, was designed to minimize administrative burden for providers while maximizing clinical impact. IntegrateHealth automatically generated summary reports for billing providers and supplied tools for support staff such as medical assistants and the front office to make implementation a success. This streamlined process helped make the goal of behavioral integration a reality at Relievus, from the moment a patient first steps into the office all the way to a provider being reimbursed for care.

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The Results

Within just three months, thousands of patients were added to the platform and began recording validated scales, journals. On average, patients (most of whom were 40 years of age or older) interacted with the platform 7+ times in their first month, a tremendous amount given historically low engagement rates seen in healthcare. Most importantly, the outcomes were dramatic and immediate, 44% of highest risk patients exhibited improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms in less than 2 weeks.

Given the flexibility and customization offered by the platform, Dr. Lee and the Relievus team are encouraged about the expansion plans for IntegrateHealth and using it to not only treat chronic pain, but PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking and other issues where mental health and physical discomfort collide. Relievus serves as a leading example for pain management centers—and all other care providers— when it comes to connecting the dots between a patient’s physical and mental health.

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